Asus 11.6" Convertible Chromebook Flip (S&D)

Asus 11.6" Convertible Chromebook Flip (S&D)

The product description clearly states scratch and dent grade B however the unit I received today was in rough shape and came with an insert that calls it out as grade C. I would not have paid this price for a grade C refurb, that was not in the condition I expected.

Hi, so sorry to hear about the poor experience. Please contact Woot CS. From a browser, use the Woot! Customer Service form.

In the Woot! App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

Same here. Class C scratch and Dent, not Class B as per description.


End of Life date not clearly specificed in specs - Woot is just being lazy now. Would you buy a gallon of milk with no date on it but told to go consult this chart to decipher the block and lot code to determine when it’s going to expire? No? It’s the same thing with this Chromebook. The End of Life date should be CLEARLY AND CONCISELY stated in the specs. It ALWAYS suspicious when it’s not.

Updates through June 2024, which is great.

Screen resolution isn’t the greatest, but is what it is at this price point.

Woot Staff: The End Of Life date should be at the top of the specs; it’s the single most important spec when buying a Chromebook ESPECIALLY considering Chrome based devices have a limited update lifetime.


I checked around. There’s a Laptop Magazine review from 2017 that I think is the same model (
If it is, then this is four years old. Since Google only supports hardware for six and a half years, that means that (assuming I’m right – and I may not be) it would probably be supported through 2023. Maybe.
Seriously, Woot, we do need this information for all Chromebooks. Please?

It’s in both the features and the specs:

Google Approved with Auto-Updates through June 2024