Asus 11.6" Touchscreen Dual-Core Laptop

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Asus 11.6" Touchscreen Dual-Core Laptop
Price: $229.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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If it doesn’t come with the hand/forearm, I’m not interested.

What’s the typical battery life on this model?

I’ve had this model for about a year and a half. I currently have it set so that it never shuts down even when I close the lid. I currently get about 3-5 hours with the screen closed and around 2.5 hours with the screen up and I’m using it. If you use the recommended power settings though you get much better battery life.

I’ve had the need for a cheap laptop. I’m in for one.

I’m seriously thinking about this. I need a small Win8 machine for QA work. But the company I’m contracting with may be out of money in the next couple months, so I’m trying to pinch pennies in case I need to pay rent between gigs. But it would be easier to get my next gig if I can test on Win8. But I also just had to spend a couple months’ rent on car repairs. But this would be perfect because I want the smallest Win8 machine I can get, as it won’t be my daily driver and I don’t have much space.


Try it on go ahead. Don’t expect miracles, don’t expect it to resemble your home or work laptop because it won’t. If you need something that’s light (yesss) easy to pack and handles email, word processing, etc…this is it. If you over geek this machine that’s your problem. I purchased one a year ago to use on business travel in China, Vietnam and India. It worked very well.

For the first time in a long time, I am actually going to buy something from Woot!

I have been searching high and low for a replacement to my old Asus netbook. Sadly, they stopped producing netbooks due to the popularity of tablets and even Newegg no longer has a category for netbooks. I own two tablets, and I can’t find how people like them more than a netbook. The ability to have a keyboard and to put this on my lap while I am on the couch is priceless.

My old netbook is still running today as well! Sadly, the battery died and after three “knock off” batteries from eBay and ~$30 spent on return shipping, I gave up trying to find a replacement battery for it. The dead battery plus the fact that the Atom N270 processor is quite slow in today’s world has left me searching for its replacement and here it is!

I ust need one that has excel, outlook, and powerpoint preloaded. what’s the goodies in this one?

Bought one 18 months ago. Motherboard died, asus replaced it and they also replaced the screen. The screen is buggy it will jump or flip a page or go to another screen very annoying windows 8 sucks but for touch screen it gets better
For a few bucks more the 202 model had a better processor in it for like 20 bucks more
Trust me the screen changing will drive you nuts
Good for traveling as it’s small

Beginning with Win 8, Microsoft no longer includes Office Starter. You will need to purchase Office.

I have had this for about a year now. I bought it from Woot. I can honestly tell you that this is my favorite laptop I have ever had! Solid state hard drive is awesome! and this thing fits in my purse!

Are the memory or hard drive upgradeable?

I’ve done some testing with this model and it’s a solid little laptop. It’s not going to set any performance records, but it’s far more capable than something like a Chromebook. - if you haven’t tried it recently, give it a shot. I actually prefer it over MS Office now.

Can you burn CD’s?

Specs say the max memory is 4GB. Don’t know about the hard drive.

There is no optical drive on this laptop. You would have to buy an external optical drive to do that.

Can you upgrade to 8.1???