Asus 11.6" Touchscreen Dual-Core Laptop

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I should have got this instead of my Chromebook. :frowning:

I have a X200CA.

I really strongly recommend that people replace the HDD with a SSD and do a clean reinstall of Windows (or aggressively get rid of the shovelware). And switch to a low-footprint antivirus (like the built-in Windows Defender).

It’s really bad out of the box because 1) slow hard drive 2) preinstalled bloatware and 3) antivirus wasting the limited system resources. But after I put in a SSD (also replaced the WiFi with a proper dual-band Intel card while I had it open), reinstalled the OS, and disabled the AV, it’s a fast, responsive system and a complete delight to use. It’s just a pity that it’s not like that in its default configuration.

(Also, most X200CA models have only 2GB of RAM. This has 4GB of RAM, which is good. The RAM is soldered on and can’t be upgraded, so the 2GB variants of the X200CA are big no-nos. Keep that in mind if you are comparing this X200CA to other X200CA deals/reviews.)

Can you please tell me more about WiFi card that you installed because I got one of these in the last deal and I can hear the sucking sound from the WiFi card every time I use the computer. I would like the model and brand if you don’t mind. I would like to be sure I have the right thing before I start the job.


+1 on this. I got this for my wife, and the SSD I ordered should arrive today. However, I didn’t know you could (or why you would need to) replace the Wifi component. Would you please elaborate, and if you found any instructions on opening this thing up, provide a link?


I bought one of these here a few weeks ago for $10 more. Note that it does not come with installation media, or even a windows “certificate of auhenticiity” sticker on it for a license number.

[MOD: Win 8 does not use a COA. The product key is in the BIOS.]

+2 - would love to know the wifi component to weigh out replacing that. Anyone have a good recommendation for an external enclosure for the 500gb I’ll be taking out? I’ll use it as additional recording capacity (USB 3.0) for my desktop HTPC.

Also, how do you think the X200CA would do with Windows Media Center or MediaPortal to be an HTPC - kind of defeats the purpose of having a touch screen, oh well.

The new windows 8 laptops normally have the OEM windows license in the BIOS. My “factory reconditioned” ASUS laptop had a windows 8 sticker at the bottom that does not have a “key” (like in the old days), because the key is coded into the BIOS.

Since I do not own this particular laptop, perhaps someone more knowledgeable can attest to whether this is the case on this computer.

Woot, is there at least a “Genuine Windows 8” sticker on the bottom?

These are genuine Windows 8. As you stated, Microsoft no longer uses a COA sticker. The product key is in the BIOS and that is used to detect a genuine version of Windows.

Also bought it for $10.00 more a month ago. No problems at all. No, it has no recovery media or partition. It is a partitioned laptop with Windows 8 on it. There will be over 100 updates to run, and then you can put 8.1 on it.

For the price, this is an incredible deal. As I said in a previous post, this is a great travel laptop, already been on the road twice with no issues connecting to Hotel Wifi networks. This is great for checking mail, checking Woot and the rest of the Non Woot sites that that you might want to see for one reason or another. :slight_smile:

Debating on Office 365 or Open Office, Probably Office since I might have to use this for work while on Vacation. I do have a license left over so the costs is paid for already but otherwise would use Open Office with all of its flaws as to not increase the cost of ownership…

The laptop is small and light, my only issue is with the Mousepad that needs tweaking but the touch screen makes up for it.

Windows 8.1 is not a bad OS, it just gets the same treatment WIndows95 got when DOS was left behind. Everyone got over it.

If I was debating, I would go ahead and pull the trigger. Worst Case, you are out a couple hundred bucks if you drop it or lose it, best case, you have a decent laptop that you wont cry about when TSA smashes it.

I have the X202E version which is basically the same computer with a 1.8gz Pentium processor.
I replaced the hard drive with a 500mb SSD which really helped the speed and the battery life. From a cold boot I am up and running in less than 15 seconds. It is a great little workhorse and I am glad I bought it.

I changed out the network card with an Intel dual-band, dual-channel card which also helped.
The card I used was the Intel Network 6235AN.HMWWB Centrino WiFi Card Half Mini PCI Express Advanced-N 6235 Dual Band Bluetooth which is available from Amazon for a little less than $25. This seems to be a pretty popular card for this purpose and it has good reviews. Amazon also has a large Q&A section for this product so most questions you may ask are probably already answered there.

If you also need an additional antenna wire (like I did) Amazon also has it available.

The link Yaz shows in the next post is the one I followed when I made my upgrades.

The benefits I received from the card upgrade were a faster and more reliable connection. Also my computer did not have Bluetooth - this card added it. This computer they are selling today says it should already have Bluetooth so you will not need the card to add Bluetooth but it will still help your WiFi connection.

You might want to check out this link. The man made the changes you are interested in.

Good Luck,


For those that upgraded to the SSD, what’s your battery life like?

I replaced my chromebook with this…

I bought this a little over a month ago for $10 more. I’m still very happy with it. The only thing I wish it had was an illuminated keyboard. It’s not a speed demon but gets the job done.

I’m considering this laptop vs. the Dell Chromebook 11. I think the 11 has a better processor and better Intel HD graphics, but frankly, I’m more than a little confused by the zillions of Intel processors and their variations.

Anyway, I want a system for browsing, etc. but that can also play Minecraft & Terraria. $300 is the budget. Any thoughts? I know that I can side-load Linux on the Chrombook and run Minecraft through it, and very possibly Terraria via WINE…

For me getting a factory reconditioned asus from woot meant receiving a broken item, waiting over a month for a response, having to send it for repair on my own dime, getting it back still broken, and only then getting an authorization to ship. In the meantime since it was meant to be a gift I had to buy a new item in the store. It ran out of the 90 day warranty during that drama too. Woot offered to take it back at the original price…but I had lost an SD card that had shorted out in the broken slot, paid for shipping, and was pretty much done with the entire experience somehow spending near the value of the item on trying to fix the situation. May your luck be better than mine.

This product has everything I’m looking for except Windows home premium. Does it come with it at all?