Asus 11.6" Touchscreen Dual-Core Laptop

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Asus 11.6" Touchscreen Dual-Core Laptop
Price: $219.99
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dang…the poor battery life is kind of killing me here…is there any way to upgrade the battery?

Product Support Page for X200CA

X200CA Manual

Time to check out the product page


CPU Benchmark

You might do well to look at past sales of this computer. While I have one and I am quite happy with it, I as well as others have had problems with the WiFi card that these machines come with and how it sucks.

The celeron chip is a relative power hog for a netbook and combining it with a built in 3 cell battery simply seems like a poor design IMO.

You can get the next generation version of this laptop brand new for only $10 more ($5 if you factor in free shipping) from best buy. The battery life is better 4-5 hours depending on use but not great as would be expected at this price point.

These are great but not for kids-the plug ends, (both on the cord and the unit), are pretty delicate and easily damaged. Of course, at this price, getting it repaired isn’t cost effective.

The “next generation” one you pointed out has a n2815 celeron which is much slower than the 1007u processor in this computer. I can’t understand why Asus would put such a slow processor in their “new” model.

I bought this on Woot a couple of weeks ago and am very happy. I replaced the HDD with a Crucial MX100 SSD, and it is much faster with a bit better battery life.

Bought what looked like this 'puter, back in March. Only difference was the HD: 320G vs 500G for this one. Price was ~$250, and looked like a great replacement for my ASUS netbook, which has been a good machine, but the ATOM processor is slo-o-ow. This machine is much faster, and the battery, while it would be desirable to have something better, is still good for a two-hour plane ride. Thing is, the Bluetooth advertised in the March offer, wasn’t actually there. Woot gave me a credit and I purchased a Bluetooth USB dongle, so I have sacrificed one of the USB ports so I may utilize a BT mouse (trackpads are a pain) Also took me awhile to figure out how to turn off the track pad, which otherwise really messes with keyboard use, since you are going to inadvertently be bumping it all the time. Anyway, be ready for this not to actually have BT.

All that said, the worst part of this is dealing with Windows 8.1, but one may use the touch screen in some really helpful ways, and maybe I will get used to it over time. It has been a reliable machine so far.

How do you search to find the past sales?

Look on the bottom of the post you quoted from wootstalkerbot. Refer to the section that has the heading “Previous Similar Sales.” Click on the links to access previous sales.

Possibly. The processor in the newer model has a faster clock speed but a lower cache. Link for the new model processor to compare:

It happens quite often. Asus determined that buyers of this subnotebook value battery life more than speed so this updated the model with a less power hungry CPU. It makes sense since only mobile users would buy such a small computer.

Processor comparison. Not so cut and dry which one is “better”.

I have an older netbook with an AMD C-50 and it is so slow that on numerous occasions I have been tempted to smash the thing to pieces just to be rid of it and make myself buy something faster (however, it does play flawless 1080p video with Media Player Classic which utilizes DXMA, but on EVERY other task like even basic email checking is it beyond belief slow). Yes, it has good 4-5 hour battery life but the time wasted is staggering. I no longer use it for anything but to feed videos to a big TV at a friends house who uses Macs which also drive me nuts. Anyway, I will gladly trade away battery life for power.