Asus 12.1" Netbook


All I can say is, for the love of god and all that is holy, uninstall the Logitech webcam software. It uses process injection and can lead to instabilities in your system.

Here’s just one example.

The specifications on this netbook are worse and more expensive than the ones currently on the main woot site… The only “good” thing about this one is the screen size.

Review at liliputing

RAM upgrade forum

why anyone would want this is beyond me. especially with other refurbished netbooks with better specs on the main woot page. 1.33ghz processor? give me a break, the only thing good about this is a slightly larger screen. this has a smaller hard drive, older OS and crappier processor. bleh, this is not a deal

exactly, you beat me to the punch…by like 5 seconds. yet i still award you the victory

Cheap backpack for this model at Amazon

Stay away from asus refurbs if you know whats good for yeah. My normal lappy broke about 9 months in on a 3 year warranty. The parts weren’t being made anymore so they forced me to get a newer junkie spec model that was also refurbished…

Essentially I’ve seen that laptop just as much as asus, well no technically fedex has seen it more than me. I take care of this thing too but they just don’t really give a dam about the customer since this thing broke in every possible way.

Ok it took them three times and about 50$ worth of shipping they pay for it and prob 100$ to pay the techs to realize that the back light plug that costs 30cents should get replaced instead of plugging it back in because it will just fall out again.

Anyways if anything could fail on a laptop I’ve pretty much had it all happen.

Btw… my 3 year warranty finally expired. I swear they hate me, but that’s their own fault for giving a cheapo lemon and not expecting the customer to actually send it to em when it breaks.

What in the world is going on onscreen? Are they reenacting the movie Carrie? Next time do an animated GIF of Benny Hill style fast walking.

Asus support page

Discussion from a Previous Woot

It’s not that it has a larger screen. It has a HIGHER RESOLUTION screen. Anyone who’s tried to do real work on a 1024 x 600 resolution screen knows that it’s a pain in the neck. The increase to 1366 x 768 on this screen is a MAJOR improvement. The vertical resolution increase is particularly useful.

That said, I’ll take a Dell mini 10 with the higher resolution 1366 x 768 screen any day.

I think you should put the word “support” in quotation marks – there really isn’t any. I don’t know if you own one of these (I do), but just try getting “support” from them sometime - it’s a joke. The product is adequate for its intended purpose, BUT keep your fingers crossed.

We spend so much time on the write-ups and still no one reads 'em…

That ought to tell ya sumthin’…

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Just wondering out loud here, would despite the inferior processor speed would Windows XP home not run faster than Windows 7 on a netbook?

So,(and don’t beat me up for this question…)is the keyboard larger than the 10 inch? I really have trouble using the one I have now which is an ASUS 10 in. Plus, my current one has the linux os. And a 4gig hd - (it’s solid state) but seriously that is not enough to add even one single program.

I wonder if the comedian Gallagher has ever attended.

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