Asus 12" Netbook

Even though it’s not in the title, product details below says this is running XP.

Great PC for on-the-go stuff. Not that great in power-tasks, but it gets the email and word processing stuff done. And a little webcam for Skype? Can’t get any better.

Good deal if you’re out-and-about all day and need quick access to things.

For under 3 pounds, this computer is worth it.

The GMA500 graphics that comes with the Atom Z series processor has a terrible Linux compatibility. Do not buy this if you plan on running Linux.

All about RAM Upgrading

Does this thing have any warranty or do you have to buy the Suare Trade one?

This is a fantastic deal. Will sell out by morning for sure. New Egg is the next cheapest at $274.

I’m gonna go ahead and be “that guy” anyone know about hackintoshing it? has info on the 1000H, 1000HD and 1000HE only.

The warranty is 90 Day Asus. It is on the sale now.

Let’s get down to brass tacks people and ask the really important stuff. Like, what kind of video games can I play on it?

the Z520 as noted is a 1.333GHz processor and not the usual 1.66GHz(N270) you see in netbooks. On the plus side, it is a bigger screen. I wonder when we are gonna get 12" with N270 or even a dual atom which are already out for nettops…

Love my Asus netbook. This is a good deal on a 12" too!:slight_smile:

I’ve bought a asus refurb off here, really liked it but had to sell due to the keyboard being really small. Is this a 100% size keyboard? If it is, you can count me in Woot!

If you are looking into buying these bad boys, you may want to check out some things you should consider before buying it.

Netbook running XP… ummm solitaire or mine sweeper? Maybe PAC Man complements of

Support page at Asus

I’ve got a 10 inch Asus and love it. It’s solidly built for a cheap, portable machine. The bonus of 12 inch would be a full sized keyboard. If I wasn’t already set, I’d so be snatching one up.

this was the only real review i could find:

doesn’t look all that great, but it’s a budget netbook at a budget price.

Newegg has the same laptop for 275+12.20 shipping

The screen is 1366x768.

The 6-cell battery on it may give you some more battery power than other netbooks.