Asus 12" Netbook

Too Small and T()()()() SL()W!!

I like turtles.

Yay, I’ve been waiting and waiting for a netbook to show up.


Bah… I thought the long load times were due to a BOC. :frowning:

How does this compare to a Dell Mini? Would you rather have Win XP Home or Win 7 Starter?

Boo, that long of a delay and no sack of fun.

bum bum bahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

12.1" screen and a 1.33ghz processor.

Might be useful as an on the go chat laptop? But whats the point with ipads and such now…



Reviews at Google Products

I have a 15" Asus Notebook and it rocks! I highly recommend Asus to anybody. Good luck!

I like zombies.

How did I miss this, it was only there for a minute?

Awesome! Tosh.0 FTW

But, can it run Crysis?


I like Tosh

Props on the Banksy