Asus 13.3" C300MA Dual-Core Chromebook

Heads up, the title says 13", but then in the description it says 11". I wish I’d noticed that before I hit “buy”, but I guess that’s my own fault for believing what I read on the internet.

Edit: They fixed this to show 13" everywhere.

Sorry for the confusion! It’s 13.3".

Bought this in red for my girlfriend. Awesome build quality and it handles as many tabs as you want to open - runs like a chromebook should. This is a crazy price. With the new Android App Chromebooks launching soon, probably a good time to pick up guys like these for low prices.

How big is the hard drive on this? Description says 16 or 32, but there’s no way to select.

16GB is correct.

Thanks for clearing that up! I previously bought the same model with 2GB, and it was great. I just kept running out of memory with my usage, so I’m happy to take the upgrade.

That would definitely be good to know! But my experience with my last Chromebook tells me it won’t really matter since there’s little to nothing in the standard Chromebook workflow that takes up any SSD space (unless you wanna get cray and install Linux).

So mine just arrived, and it appears to be FUBAR. The system just keeps opening and crashing the web browser until the whole thing resets. It also estimates 6 hours on a full charge, not 10 like the 2G model. 10 minutes in and I’m regretting this purchase.

Edit: see for yourself

Edit2: I powerwashed and tried using a different google account, same results. I’m now recovering from the recovery USB drive I made before I sold my last one (really wish now that I’d waited to get rid of it).

Edit3: OK, it’s working. It seems that the older version of ChromeOS on the book was somehow fubar’d, but after using the recovery drive all is well. If you don’t have one, check out this link on how to make one.