Asus 13.3” Full HD Core i5 Zenbook Touch


**Item: **Asus 13.3" Full HD Core i5 Zenbook Touch
Price: $599.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Factory Reconditioned

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Why do the photos compare it to a MacBook Pro when it should be a MacBook Air?

I had one of them in the office. This thing is sexy! It’s heavier than it looks and some of the touchpad “edge gestures” are annoying. Touchpad blocker utility is a must too - they don’t have “disable touchpad when typing” feature in the standard drivers. Anyway, great fast laptop with gorgeous screen, SSD and sexy shell.

This site is too busy and confusing now. I cannot find anything. And yea, the poster below me is correct, I could not find the most important part, the discussion button.

They are losing what made them great in the first place, honest uncensored comments on the products and simplicity.

The comments on this sales site are the main reason I have spent so much time and money here (ok, price too). There are many ‘one sale a day’ sites on the internet but most have no comments, so no incentive for me to purchase (I like the comments, even the stupid ones), and so I do not purchase.

The sad part is I know that no one cares about this which is confusing to me. I see the same thing happen all the time with new restaurants in my area. Start out with a great, simple menu, then success, and they add a few extra items, then they add a lot of items, but it is just confusing and frustrating to customers (plus quality goes down, way down). Then they go bankrupt.

Woot is dying a slow, painful death. Nobody comments anymore and these things move so slow. The deals aren’t very good anymore either in most cases. Oh how great the days were before the sellout.

What you’re trying to say, but are too polite, is

HEY WOOT, you lost the “discuss this deal” button.

Are they letting the interns update the HTML templates again?

This laptop is garbage. Why would you pay that much for an old ass ivy bridge when you can easily get a new haswell bridge for that price. This site is dying, I could barely find the discussion button to tell people how bad a deal this is.

Can you please show me a similar ultrabook with the new Haswell chip going for $600? If there is one I’m getting it now!

This one is over priced. I don’t think you can get the other for this price, but this one is too expensive for what it is.

I see the “Discuss this deal” button on my Android phone, but not on Chrome on Windows or Linux. Congrats, the breakage is browser independent. The button is gone when viewed with Firefox and IE, too.

Full HD and a backlit keyboard with Ivybridge in a 13.3" size isn’t very common at this price point. I’m thinking about it…

Some reviews from the Mothership…

I have this and it is superb. Had rave reviews from the tech sites earlier this year.

One price sanity check I use is to look at completed auctions on ebay to see how well a model does in the used auction. The good news for Woot, is quite a few sold for more, and only one complete one sold for less (including shipping), that one sold at $599. So the price isn’t out of line. Its just only a few people seem to need laptops in that class, so the supply exceeds demand.

What is a fair price point, and where would you find that price? Amazon? Best buy? Walmart? Anywhers?

Silly question. Is it a touch screen?

Yes,it’s a touch screen.