Asus 13.3" Core i5 128GB SSD Zenbook

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Time to learn all about the Zenbook and good reviews (3.7 out of 5.0) over at

This is 2 generations back, Intel Sandy Bridge CPU. Current gen is Haswell. While Sandy Bridge is not bad, Haswell has much longer battery life, and better performance, IMHO, worth paying a premium for.

I think this is my laptop. Really. I swapped one out under warranty because the USB and display ports stopped working. They would connect but then any little teeny nudge would reset them. A friend has the same problem with the same machine. The new one seems to work better. Perhaps they know how to fix it now.

It says the display is HD LED but Resolution = 1366 x 768. What’s up?

720P is considered HD

128gb hard drive? No thank you. Half of your storage will be allocated to the operating system and Microsoft Office. If you get this I’d upgrade the ssd to a minimum of 500gb

I have the 3rd gen version of this in the full HD 1080p screen model (US31A).

I can’t make direct comparisons on it because of the model differences here, so take this with a grain of salt… but it does carry over for the Zenbook series, and others of this class.

Amazingly light, the screen is crisp and clear. I have no complaints about my screen, but if you are looking to fill it with lots of work related stuff, I would HIGHLY recommend holding out for one of the other laptop woot sales and get the FullHD 1080p screen instead. It makes all the difference in the world.

It’s my travel laptop, so I don’t care that it only has 128GB RAM… These are not desktop replacements, if you want more space, buy a cheap external drive and store your junk there.

That said, because it’s one of the crazy thin models (and much like the Macbook Air) the CPU is of the light and thin class and doesn’t have the power that the larger full sized laptops (or desktops) have. Do not expect these to do quantum physics, but they will do general work and some light gaming.
For instance, this laptop vs my work laptop, using Adobe Lightroom, there is a night and day difference in performance.
Granted, this only has 4GB ram, but it should still perform better than that for an i5 on an SSD. These CPUs in these class of laptops and devices in general are just clocked way down to reduce power draw and heat.

But that aside, I love traveling with it and using it for light to medium duty work.

I get a lot of comments on it too when using it. Not many people have these razor thin laptops out there.

Anyhow… My only complaint is that I can’t upgrade the ram since it’s soldered onboard. I don’t know if they do that on this model as well, so do your homework if you want more than it comes with.

I run Win 8.1 on mine with zero issues, its fast and performs excellent, much faster than Win 7.

I had a very disappointing experience with asus :frowning: I will never allow any asus products at home or work. I had to send my computer to repair center due to vertical blue streaks on the screen (possible software issue). After 1 month of wait, I received the computer in far worse shape than it was before. I sent a near mint condition computer to the repair center, they damaged the screen, frame, bezel, fan, mother board and put everything back together in a very superficial way with super glue and sent it back to me. What kind of an official repair center uses super glue??? I had to send it back to the repair center, so they could ruin it more … be aware :frowning: asus does make decent computers, but their repair service and customer service is disgusting … if your computer fails, you may sell it online for parts and make some money instead of sending it to the repair center and receive a bag of plastic and scrap metal held together with super glue and duck tape …

I would say that you would be better off with purchasing the Dell Venue 11 Pro on another woot plus section. That comes with slightly more expensive price but you are getting the 4th gen i5 processor (consumes even less power -> longer batter life) and full HD screen. Granted that you loose the physical keyboard but everything else looks more promising than this one.

PS: I got one similar model from previous woot with full HD screen. That’s the model you should go for instead of inadequate 1366*768 screen.

I have Windows and Office running on laptop with 60GB, and it’s fine. Between them, they take up less than 20GB.

But I will agree with an earlier poster: Unless ASUS has made substantial QC changes, their port connectors are seriously shoddy.

It was $5 LESS last summer per Dealnews:

As one of its daily deals, Woot offers the factory-refurbished 2.9-lb. ASUS Zenbook Intel Core i5 1.6GHz 13.3" LED-Backlit Ultrabook, model no. UX31-RSL8, for $499.99 plus $5 for shipping. That’s the second-best price we’ve ever seen for this model and the lowest total price we could find, although we saw it for $5 less last summer.

For a refurb, I’d check ebay for a lightly used Lenovo Yoga 2 instead.

The Yoga is comparable and similarly priced - the Yoga 2 is better in every way with a superior screen, processor, battery life, 360 reversible form and only $100 more (and both are touch-screen!).

This looks to be over-priced for what it is; but I do like ASUS computers.

I disagree. I have the full HD version of this computer, I got it here on woot for the same price as this one. The resume and start-up are lightening fast because of the SSD. The actual battery life of this computer is actually better than stated. I play lots of steam games and have never had a problem.

The 360 reversible form is just something else to break. I also hate lenovo.

It’s still overpriced by $100

The low res screen kills the deal. Would be ok for $100 Cheaper. I have the newer 1080p (and newer cpu) version and love it but it was only $100 more than this one. Not worth this price IMHO.