Asus 13.3" Core i7 Zenbook w/ 256GB SSD

**Item: **Asus 13.3" Core i7 Zenbook w/ 256GB SSD
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4/16/2013 - $699.99 - 44 comment(s)

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3.5 Stars on Amazon
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I returned mine to Sam’s Club.

Keyboard has a poor touch, touch pad was flaky, the volume of sound is very low, and it’s pretty slow, esp. for an i7.

Just noting that this is a 2nd gen Core processor. The 4th gen ones were just released, so it’s already two generations old. Beautiful machine with lots of great features, but that alone stands out for me given this price tag as well as all the recent (and forthcoming) clearance deals on 3rd gen Core processors.

Great reviews (4.7 out of 5.0) over at

When was this? I haven’t heard that complaint in quite a while. I assumed it was because of the updates that improved the touchpad and the fact that the keyboard might require a modest adjustment period.

I’ve had two Zenbooks and loved them. I got my current model because the previous one (very similar to this Woot) lacked the backlit keyboard and I’ve always been jealous of that feature in my lady’s and others’ laptops.

Check out this unboxing and first look, courtesy of LinusTechTips [youtube=BWMXyXibCxU][/youtube]

One of the only reasons I want a new laptop is I want more ram. Since I have 4 now, 4 Max is not very inspiring. And using the SSD as “quicker swap” is just an invitation to speed your way to the inevitable bad sectors on the disk.

Even had Windows 7 but IMO one of the best parts about having a 64bit OS is it can handle more RAM, and this machine can’t/

So pass, reluctantly.

It kinda looks like a dark Mac.

Asus’ 1st Zenbook (UX31E):
very shallow key travel + very jumpy trackpad = very frustrating experience

2nd series (UX31A) and newer:
better keyboard + better trackpad + ips screen = much better experience

I got one of these the last time they were up for sale. I have three complaints:

  • The keyboard is as bad as everyone says. If you don’t strike the keys perfectly, every time, then you won’t get a keypress half the time.

  • The backlight is terrible. It ruins what ought to be an amazing experience, given the resolution of this screen. :frowning:

  • The shell of the laptop will make you curse wherever you perched your wifi router, because you can expect 20-40% lower signal strength than any other device you own gets. I’ve actually given thought to yanking it and just using a USB wifi card. It’s that bad.

So, that’s the bad. The good:

  • It’s light, and very portable. I take this thing with me everywhere.

  • The resolution of this screen. Oh god, the resolution…

  • I will never own a laptop without an SSD again. It’s a godsend.

For the price I paid, I’m mostly happy with it; it’s doing the job I bought it for.

Definitely a pass. The other wooters are right about this processor now being two generations old. In addition, the computer supports a low amount of max ram, and is rocking intel graphics - or in other words - it has no dedicated video card or memory. The solid state drive is a nice perk but on the wrong machine. You can swap out RAM and the hard drive very easily is just about every laptop on the market. This computer is really worth about $499-549. No really, you’re buying a “new” computer that’s two years old.

It’s an ultrabook so it uses a Low Voltage APU. As the guy above said it’s two generations old.
So not only will be slower than the average laptop because it uses a Low Voltge APU, but also it is older.
Haswell is nice, the integrated graphcis are good, it is extremely power efficient and slightly faster clock to clock compared to Sandy Bridge.

In generally I’d stay away from Low Voltage laptops. You can find light weight laptops that use regular full voltage APUs.

Don’t know if the computer is a good value. But the Woot write-up about the lameness of the MS Office Starter 2010 this computer comes with is priceless.

Asus makes great laptops. I just helped a friend restore his i5 Asus laptop, and I was very impressed with the speed and performance of that computer. I’m confident this laptop is even better with it’s i7 and SSD.

This unit has all the right specs, and is on the top of my buy list.

Dear woot!, you would post this at a time I’m the most broke, darn you!

where is the woot! easy pay option when you need it?

Im starting to be disappointed with new Asus devices quality. Its much worse than it was before.

My wife currently owns this laptop.

It’s a good laptop for certain types of computing. It’s light, very easy to travel with, and the build quality of the extruded-aluminium case is rock-solid…easily as solid as a mac book air. Also, I love the SSD part… For travel, reading email, surfing, and doing non-super-computing activities, it’s great. Quickbooks, Quicken, MS Office, etc. all work great. The adapter for plugging it into a larger monitor works great as well…

It can only handle 4GB RAM (as noted in earlier comments) and doesn’t have the newer back-lit keyboard, which is good in the dark.

Note: This would make a great Linux book :slight_smile:

If I wasn’t trading it for a new gun, I’d do that. :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, I replaced it with a new HP Elitebook Folio 9470m. I love it and so does she.

We see this at the school all the time.

Let me save someone out there some stress.


I know your going to buy office, if your the person that’s going to need this post, your going to buy office instead of using LibreOffice or equivalent…

So, before you install, upgrade, sideload, and whatever your shiny new best buy bought copy of office 20Meh, UNINSTALL THE TRAIL PLEASE.

It will save you ever so much stress.