Asus 13.3" Full HD Core i5 Zenbook Touch

Some good reviews (3.5 out of 5.0) over at and lets learn all about the Zenbook

The expandable RAM is a nice touch as many Ultrabooks have the RAM soldered onto the motherboard.

Just in case you were wondering…
It is pronounced “Ahh - Seuss” rather than “Ayyy - Seuss”

Like This…

Not Like This…

Just sharing my issues here in case anyone cares to read about it:

If I were to update it:

New issue: When I was testing the computer, I wasn’t connected tot he Internet that often. Now that I am, the computer constantly disconnects from the Internet, despite my many driver reloading attempts. It seems to happen more often if you’re downloading large files. This should be a driver issue, and I honestly cannot remember how I fixed this issue on previous laptops (Intel wifi cards >.<)

Keyboard flashing can be fixed by putting the computer to sleep then waking it up again. It’s a hassle, a slight one though.

Screen bleeding is still there and just upsets you so much when you boot up the computer.

The freezes were due to apps that were installed. Solution: Don’t run Xbox app, and be sure to login to via IE once.

Touchscreen issues are rarer now that I did the above.

The brightness of the screen was easily fixed thanks to a Woot! user! Ken112 thanks!

The processor is still slow, and desktop apps tend to take a while to respond to certain touch controls, such as resizing windows. Don’t resize using the touchscreen!

Also, I paid $40 more! :frowning: I’m not bothered much by the downfalls, other than I wouldn’t say this laptop is worth the price; I’d lean towards $560, but perhaps that’s because I am comparing this to a chunktop.

BUT, I still like the laptop, maybe I’m crazy and just love ultrabooks / to complain.

It’s more of a Fonz “AYYY + Seuss”


It is “A-sus” or “eh-sus” as per ASUS themselves:

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I love my 12" zenbook full HD, SSD, blah blah all the bells and whistles.

But alas it’s the tiny sized footprint with the soldered in RAM locked in forever at a measly 4GB.

Even then it’s still well built, beautiful screen, excellent design all around (outside) and it always gets compliments on “What is that?! That thing looks awesome!”

I’m so tempted to pull the trigger on this one. Seems like a good deal. Can anyone comment on how Intel 4400 graphics performs with games?


Yep, you’re crazy. The ASUS Laptop I bought looked good, had some good reviews…ended up being the absolutely worst computer I’ve bought in 20+ years, just a POS.

Good luck on your purchase, you’ll need it.

I’m assuming there is nothing weird about this that would prevent me from wiping it and loading Windows 7?

Quoting alexjleon:
“New issue: When I was testing the computer, I wasn’t connected tot he Internet that often. Now that I am, the computer constantly disconnects from the Internet, despite my many driver reloading attempts”

Actually that might be in Windows 8 - I have the same issue with a gigantasaurus laptop & have read of plenty of others having it too. I hate Windows 8 so bad I just bought a copy of 7 to wipe/reload (hence my prior post).

Your only issue with Win7 will be finding all the correct drivers for everything. Any fancy function keys may not work right or be finicky.

I had a 17" Asus with vista I immediately put Win 7 on it. I had issues with a few drivers but mostly the extgra functions for things like turning wifi on and off. That was not that big of a deal to me. Also the touch screen part will probably not be worth much because it is both Win 7 and the drivers will not be great. Otherwise, yeah you can put on win7.

I am considering this laptop since I like the small size and high resolution. Wish I could find more 15" laptops with a 1080 res.

I bought this a month or so ago during the asus event and haven’t had a single issue with it. It small and reasonable potent.

But seeing the issues listed here it seems to a be luck of the draw.

Nice specs, and a decent review at NoteBookCheck, but I think I’d rather go with an SSD instead of an HDD for an ultrabook laptop.

I bought this one last time around. I love it so far. I did some treaking to meet my needs, but I am pretty impressed. This is my first non-VAIO laptop and I am happy with the move.

Not sure which model you have, but the RAM for this particular model is upgradeable to 10GB.

Captain Squint, is that you?

1920x1080 resolution is overkill on 13.3" screen. You’re gonna want to hit Display Settings and make the desktop icons El Biggo.

I’ve had this laptop for about 4 months now and I’ve had absolutely no problems. I upgraded the RAM to 10gb (2gb soldered + 8gb low voltage stick), and also removed the HDD and put in a 256gb Samsung SSD. I also wiped Windows 8 and installed Ubuntu 14.04. It’s lean, reasonably fast, and looks really nice. The touchpad is good and the backlit keyboard is a plus. I’m not sure how/why these other people are having problems, but the unit that I am using has none.

Has anyone managed to install and SSD on laptop and get windows 8.1 installed on it?