Asus 13.3" Full HD Core i5 Zenbook Touch

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Asus 13.3" Full HD Core i5 Zenbook Touch
Price: $649.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Unknown (Friday, Jul 25 to Monday, Jul 28) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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reviews look decent on Best Buy

UX302LA Manual

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Nice looking laptop the asus web site shows that the screen is ips based. Its got a 7mm 2.5 inch bay along with an msata slot give you a good mix of storage I would suggest replacing the 16gb caching drive with at least a 128gb model and just making that your c drive. Its got 2gb of soldered ram and a single sodimm slot with a 2gb stick in stalled you can upgrade that to an 8gb stick and have yourself 10gb of ram. Some info on the cpu

EDIT: it looks like the msata slot is actually half height which is extremely limiting. I only found 1 128gb drive in that form factor and a handful of 32gb or smaller. I’m more much more inclined to say throw a big ssd in it like the 512gb crucial mx100.

If you saw my other posts you’d see that I bought this when it first came out for $50 more and although it served its purpose of using for some travel, I wish I would have waited because if I bought it now I wouldn’t have had nearly as many problems.

There WILL be light bleeding on your screen when you startup / have a grey/black image fullscreened.

Now that more drivers are finally updated, the computer tends to be much more reliable.

If anyone buys this and has trouble, I’m probably an expert right now. For instance, the computer couldn’t dual-boot Windows 7 nor go to sleep. Disable Fast Boot and then enable OSM in the bios and that should fix both of those problems.

Keyboard flashing upon wake. You have to put it to sleep and wake it up again. It’s a nuisance that seems like it’d never be updated (this is caused by the ATK driver I believe).

Most of my other issues from my old posts have been resolved and/or were a problem of Windows 8 itself, which aren’t necessarily relevant to the product itself.

It’s nice to see this product going down in price because for what you get, it is overpriced, but it looks pretty nice.

It also came with an ethernet adapter as well as VGA. It comes with a little folder-like case as well.

Last words: If you don’t need this laptop now, you can probably wait for it to be lowered more because I can totally see that happening.

I bought my wife the version previous to this one going on two years ago. It’s been a solid computer, the only problem we’ve had is the (for then) usual problem with the keyboard which I corrected by re-seating the ribbon cable, no big deal. Other than that it’s been fine. the screen is very good, if even a tad too bright (easily corrected). The build quality is top-notch, as good as my MacBook Air/Pro. I’d rate it an 8/10, would buy again.

Hopefully your experience with a woot / asus reconditioned product is better than mine. I received my product broken where it fried my sdcard because the sd mount was loose allowing the sd card to short against the internal electronics. It took 35 days to get a response which told me to contact the recondition folks in TX, in the meantime I had already taken that route but found out I had to ship it on my own dime after going through a grueling interview involving…do you know how to operate the device, did you drop it, etc. Finally, I received the item back still broken frying another sdcard in the process it was apparently untouched. BTW previous to this I had bought 3 Asus products from Woot. Never Again I am out more than my product cost in wasted time, sdcards, and shipping. Woot’s answer?..would you like a refund, we can now offer you a refund now that you have spent all that money? This was over Xmas so I had to buy a replacement present for the recipient…it cost me a lot of money going with this option.

Good luck you are on your own.

I bought one of these a few months back from Woot. I also noticed that it will not go to sleep. Does enabling OSM fix that problem? I couldn’t find OSM in the BIOS settings.
I’ve also experienced the annoying keyboard flashing.

Just a reminder that this model does not have an Ethernet port, they usually ship these with an USB/Ethernet adapter, but there no mention of it in the item contents.

If your wireless component dies or a windows update messes up your Wifi drivers you are going to have a bad time.

I just bought this laptop very recently when it was here on woot and it does indeed come with the usb/ethernet cablet, the VGA adapter cable, and the ASUS sleeve (at least mine did and it didn’t mention of that in the description when I bought it).

As far as the half-size mSATA cards, I got the MyDigitalSSD 128GB half sized from amazon, but it looks like they don’t have it at the moment and only 64GB available. I’m running the OS off that drive and 10GB RAM and it’s great.

Be careful. You could get the wrong thing or a counterfeit OS:

Not sure who to complain, ASUS’s refurbishing department or Woot’s lack of good service.

I never had this bad of an experience here so I’m hoping it’s the former and that they’ll resolve my issue with my Zenbook with the wrong resolution panel and OS.

I bought one a month ago, and I am actually typing this comment on that very machine.

Pros: It’s lightweight, it looks nice, and it’s relatively speedy for a machine that’s not SSD-only. Battery life is excellent. Screen is bright and clear. Other commenters have noted the backlight bleed but I don’t notice it anytime but on bootup.

Cons: 13" screen is a bit too small for my eyes. The keys aren’t uniform – especially in the middle of the keyboard, the plastic backing seems to be bulging out making the TYGHVB keys almost flush. The power button sits right where the “delete” key is on my previous laptop (a Dell) so I have shut it off accidentally a couple of times. The touch screen seems superfluous and I haven’t bothered using it.

I’ll have to see how durable it is before I decide if it was worth the $650.

If anyone feels that their display appears dim, you probably need to go into the Windows power settings and turn off “Enable Adaptive Brightness”

Just got mine today. I love it. Very light. Screen is responsive and it hasn’t been running hot so far. Had to download Classic Shell to deal with the ugly “windows 8” issue, but besides that nothing wrong.
Very satisfied. Would Woot again.

I am using the non-touch zenbook but now I really want to buy a touch version, come one woot, show me the zenbook and I show you the cash.

I passed your wish on to our buyers. Thanks for the note.