Asus 13.3" Full HD Core i5 Zenbook Touch

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Warning, ASUS does not support Windows 7 for this machine in case you were thinking about rolling back to it. You can install just fine but there aren’t stable drivers from ASUS for it.

dont buy anything from these people. I Just bought a Computer from them it took almost 2 weeks to get it and it does not even work. there is no one to talk to and they take forever to respond to emails

I am talking about WOOT.COM

I’ve purchased about half a dozen things from Woot, and each time my experience has been positive. I haven’ had to return anything, so I can’t comment on the customer service, but products are all EXACTLY as advertised (not always a good thing, so read the fine print!) but I have no complaints about the company. I wonder, dear poster, how many things have you purchased from Woot? Every company can make a dud or two. Not really Woot’s fault.

Note that I’m not a Woot fanboy… I’m just giving my counterpoint opinion.

Sorry that you are unhappy. I see you received your order in 7 business days and that it shipped out via SmartPost the day after you ordered it.

I also see that you emailed yesterday and already have a reply with information for returning the item. If you don’t see that email, please check your spam/junk folders. If you are using an email client like Outlook, check spam/junk by logging directly into your email provider via a web browser.

Hope that helps.

I got an HP desktop that was DOA and HP support refused to do anything. I contacted Woot, sent it back at their cost, and had my credit card refunded within a week. My only gripe with Woot! is their neverending relationship with HP.

Yeah, I don’t see it. As you can see, I have purchased a significant number of items and have never had any problems. Of course, I have also read their pages about customer service and know how it works. I don’t expect a flying monkey to race to my house with a replacement item within minutes.

Does this come with the Ethernet and VGA dongle?

Love to hear from someone who is familiar with this Zenbook.

I hate it when they use smartpost, I usually have to go to the post office to retrieve it. Shipping always makes me reconsider Woot. I have prime from the big brother.

This would be really nice if it came with the accessories. Buying a little folio case, cleaning cloth, and the adapters are a bit of a hassle.

Wait, you’re telling me that woot doesn’t have flying customer service monkeys? What the hell kind of backwards company is this?

I bought last years model (with 4000 graphics) and it was great. I saw was, because beware the Asus 90 day warranty. The power jack sheared off the motherboard about 20 days after the warranty expired. I’m currently in the process of getting it fixed (~$200 since I don’t solder).

$200!?!? Bring it over here and I’ll solder it back up for only $100 no problemo!

No, they are right. Their customer service is going downhill. It will take a few weeks for them to get back to you the first time. Nothing something you like after spending $500.

I guess each case is different. Woot’s customer service has always been and continue to be exceptional for me.

Bleh. I really want woot to show up with an old one of these for less than a couple hundred dollars. I want to get a cheap travel laptop; don’t need fast or flashy, just want something small with a good battery (but that’s still a real computer, not a stupid tablet), that runs a real computer OS (which excludes Android, but also excludes Windows 8 for all the same reasons :p).

edit: I’ve never had anything but great things to say about woot’s customer service, though. Nor have they sent me anything that didn’t work.

Trying to confuse us with your facts and stuff.