Asus 13.3" Full-HD Quad-Core Chromebook

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Asus 13.3" Full-HD Quad-Core Chromebook
Price: $189.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Easily one of the best spec’ed chromebooks in the $200 or less category.

Assuming the listing is correct, a quad core cpu, 4GB of RAM and 32GB of storage is fantastic. Plenty of leg room to tinker with Linux as well.

edit: and the 1920x1080 display is a nice bonus (ideally an IPS, dunno what this has). I have an older ASUS in this form factor and I like the chassis and keyboard. I am assuming they are the same on this one since it is the same size, but can’t confirm.

Does this Chromebook have the Google Play Store?

You can type chrome://system in the address bar on your machine and it will give you a page with all the info about your machine including the cpu model.

The C301SA is in “Beta Channel” per Chrome OS List

So it is work in progress. The answer to your question is “No, not yet”.

Too bad it’s the 32 gb model, and has the eMMC SSD. Would love to swap out with a bigger SSD after purchase.

oh well

Bought one the last time they were available – my daughter wanted a decent little laptop for college that she could afford on her budget. Her only issue was that she needed it to work in ‘offline’ mode. I picked it up for her with the proviso that if I couldn’t get it to run a full Linux OS, she didn’t have to pay for it.

It took me about a month (a few hours here, a few there, lots of google searches) to get an updated BIOS installed on it and a version of Linux (GalliumOS that would run well on it. Warning!! This will void your warranty. There’s a “read only protect screw” deep inside the laptop that needs to be removed.

Once Linux, LibreOffice and whatnot were all set up, I was thinking to myself “I hope she doesn’t like it… 'cause I do!”, but after an hour, she loved it. She uses it constantly preparing for college.

Just ordered 2 more, the wifey needs a newer lappy and now I won’t have to lug my mongo Dell Precision M4600 (or its <2-hour battery life – it’s pretty beefy) through airports any longer.

The screen is quite nice for the price, and it really does run Linux well with the 4GB RAM & quad-core CPU. Just stuff a 64-128GB SD card in the slot for extra storage, and Bob’s yer uncle!

Is there some way to change the operating system to Windows 10? Can you do an automatic upgrade or do you need to purchase Windows 10? Thanks for any help with this!

Even assuming the hardware is Win10-compatible, there is no legal free way to change the OS from a Google product to competitor Microsoft’s product.

Thanks for the info. Have a friend who I thought bought a Chrome book that was upgraded to Windows 10, without even his consent. I guess I’m wrong!

I actually ran into this bit of confusion with a person from work. They have a Chromebook and a subscription to Office365, which runs just fine in the Chrome browser. (Kinda nice, solves the whole windows-tsunami-of-malware problem without weaning them off the familiar bosom of Redmond office programs.) MSFT made some interface upgrades to O365, and the next time they logged into their O365 office apps in the browser, they started freaking out that Windows 10 had been forced on them. Ehrmahgerd!

Every day, the villager/wizard divide gets just a little wider.

Bought one of these when it was the special on the main woot site in July 2017. So far it seems to be a nice unit, and the resolution on the thing is quite impressive. But to be fair, the specs on the sale said it would be an ASUS C301SA. What I got was an ASUS C202SA. The specs still match what was advertised, just the model was a bit different.

Yes, it does. You have to change the OS Updates to the Beta Channel and it works fine.