Asus 13.3" Intel i5 Convertible Notebook

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Asus 13.3" Intel i5 Convertible Notebook
Price: $399.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Anyone can point me out to the service manual? Would like to find out the possibility to upgrade the RAM as well as SSD/M.2 SATA swap.

Check out the product page

A second ASUS Product page that indicates max RAM of 12 GB.

I have purchased the i3 & i7 versions of this line. I have been impressed by their performance overall. They have both been running Windows 10 for a couple of weeks.

The nice thing about this one is it appears to have a 1080p screen, which is actually rare in this family of laptops (the i3 & i7’s I purchased were both 1366x768).

Agree. The 1080 screen is really nice at this price point.

Well balanced, decent I5, decent graphics for integrated, ram is adequate and best of all… FULL 1920x1080 IPS screen for a decent price! Pixel whores may rejoice!

Adding an SSD to this would be an easy, reasonably cheap way to really push the performance on this. Newegg has a 250GB Crucial BX100 for $80 after promo code right now. Email Promo Codes, Daily Deals, Top Offers |

I think this is the one I bought it March. I like it. Screen is nice, size and weight are good. I haven’t done heavy gaming it with it though so I can’t comment on performance. I would get this again if I was in need of another one.

I’ve never used a convertible laptop before. Any issues with the fact that the keyboard is on the bottom when in tablet mode?

Upon folding the screen into stand mode, Asus’ FlipLock software kicks in with a reassuringly soft doorbell sound which indicates that the keyboard has been locked and input can now only be done via the on-screen keypad that pops up. This means that nothing will be accidently set off when it’s rested on a table or lap. The on-screen keyboard can be accessed anytime by pressing the small keyboard icon near the Systray in the bottom right.

The physical keyboard can feel a little vulnerable when in tablet mode. The machine is also way too bulky to hold as a tablet for any length of time, so tent and stand mode come into play more often than not. I often forgot it was a flipping notebook (so to speak) when using it and had to remind myself several times as I’m more used to traditional laptops.

Looks like a great deal, i5 and 1080p. In for one.

The keyboard keys disable automatically, but I noticed the touchpad is still active. I assume that’s something that can be disabled via settings I have not explored yet.

Gotta say, I’ve been passively searching laptop deals for a couple years now. Anything with an i5 at $400 is a good deal, and the IPS 1080p screen makes this absolutely fantastic.

For people who don’t need the extra juice of the i5/8GB RAM (as in people who really only browse the web and do some document editing), there are slightly cheaper options, but I would strongly advise anyone who is looking into a basic laptop to get this one, especially for poor college students.

Do you know how easy on this model specifically?

Does anybody know if I’d be able to use a HDMI to VGA adapter to use a second monitor on this? Looking into picking this up for my wife to use for her work. We have a large second monitor for her at home to use.

There may be a few issues. It doesn’t appear to be hard, but has a sticker on it about voiding the warranty. Read the article below, especially the follow-up comments for more info. You may have to do sector by sector cloning (EaseUS todo backup will work).

The storage drive is accessible once you remove the few screws that hold it in place, and there’s no visible extra spare M2 connector for a caching unit. But it might be placed behind the motherboard as well, as Asus will probably offer this laptop with a HDD + Cache SSD combo as well.
Update: James noted in the comments that he tried to upgrade the storage drive on his unit, but encountered two issues:

“I’m trying to replace the hdd with an ssd and wow, I don’t think Asus wants you to do it. There is a warranty void sticker covering one of the screws for the hard drive caddy. Also, the hard drive caddy is wrapped around in protective tape.

I posted the image here: Imgur: The magic of the Internet . The yellow sticker near the right edge of the laptop is what I was referring to. I used a blow dryer to slowly peel it off and then stuck it to wax paper. If I need to, I can reapply it at any time. Also that brown shroud covering the hard disk needs to be peeled off as well. Otherwise you can’t install an SSD.”

On that seal, Richard mentions that: “Yes it was on one of the screws. It’s basically impossible to remove the sticker, it had loads of radial cuts in it so as soon as I touched the sticker it pretty much disintegrated. I suspect if you had a hairdryer to soften the glue, a very soft touch and a lot of patience you could maybe get the sticker off in one piece, but it’s very obviously designed to make that almost impossible.”

So actually upgrading this laptop is unnecessarily complicated byt the warranty voiding aspect. However, that Yellow sticker might only be present on units sold on certain markets (US and UK have been confirmed, can’t say for sure about others). So if you try to upgrade the HDD on your TP300, let me know if you encounter similar problems or not.

I wonder how this would work with Ubuntu 15.04 on it? So far, my HP G1 has been flawless, but I hate the horrible 1366x768 resolution.
On the other hand, my HP has 16GB RAM and a 500GB 850 SSD.

Ubuntu will run fine. I run Ubuntu on a 1920x1080 Chromebook with a Celeron processor (Toshiba Chromebook 2) via crouton and 4GB ram no problems- you should have no issues.