Asus 13" Zenbook i7 256GB SSD Ultrabook


Would this be a good laptop for linux. Like can we blow it out (UEFI) and install something else easily? I imagine USB is bootable and windows 7 can go. Seems like a really good deal. Looking at a machine that will run Mint 18 well.

It will take Windows 7 or Mint. Simply disable EFI, boot from USB.

Thanks a bundle! Thought I’d be good, figured I’d ask.

Could I play sims 3 with this?

Also, can the graphics card be upgraded??

Sold out, I missed the boat. :frowning:

Too late now, but in case they get more in stock… no and no.

The only things you can really upgrade in a laptop as a general rule are RAM and the HD. Upgrading the video in a laptop is pretty much unheard of. And, in some cases, you can’t even upgrade the RAM because it might be soldered to the MB.

If you’re looking for something you can upgrade, look at something other than a laptop/notebook/ultrabook.