ASUS 14" Intel Dual-Core 64GB Chromebook

ASUS 14" Intel Dual-Core 64GB Chromebook

Passmark for the CPU speed=1112 Even for a Chromebook that is very slow. That chip is 2016 architecture.

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This price is an insult to everyone of us.

These should be recycled, not refurbished and sold for over $200. 64GB eMMC and 4 GB of DDR4 on top of that. If you want to pay $200+ for something you’ll end up throwing at your wall because you can’t do a thing with it, this offer is for you…

Wow. You know I love ya, Woot. But, this? Just very insulting, imo.

4GB and 64GB eMMC is pretty good for a Chromebook. And it gets updates through 2024.