ASUS 15.6" Full-HD Quad-Core Chromebook

ASUS 15.6" Full-HD Quad-Core Chromebook

What grade is the refurbished model? Also, is this laptop good for something like working from home or selling items on EBay?

The AUE (Auto Update Expiration) date on this model is currently set as June 2024, just as an FYI. I know its listed as such in the “Specs” but not everyone goes there first to look.

This comment was posted using an Acer C720 that has its AUE already expired, and will be stuck on Version 76.0.3809.136 forever. :frowning:


Consider It’s a Linux distribution made specifically for Chromebooks, and is really good if you’re concerned about security updates. Install Chrome on it and your machine will work almost like a Chromebook.

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Are these in original boxes as new? Thinking about for a couple of kids who believe in Santa.

Hey there, as these are Factory Reconditioned, there’s no guarantee these will be in the original boxes.


I was going to suggest CloudReady which is Chromebook like for Windows and read also for aging Chromebooks. I’ll have to check that out.