Asus 15.6" Intel i5 Convertible Notebook

What are the differences between this model and the Asus TP500LA-US51T Transformer Book? (specs appear to be the same)

I was trying to figure that out myself…I can’t find any clear comparisons…

Best I can tell the only difference is $20US.

I bought two of the TP500LA-SI50401C models last time around for my college students at $20 more each. Both units arrived fully operational and in good cosmetic condition. There are a multitude of drivers to download from ASUS, both for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. I brought everything up to date under Windows 8.1, then cloned the 1TB hard drives to 500GB SSDs and replaced them. Then I performed the free Windows 10 upgrade on the SSDs and updated the drivers again. This all took some time but went smoothly. With the SSD, this model performs and boots well. It did OK with the provided hard drive, but SSDs will always make a difference. Both laptops are now in use at college with no complaints.

Minor things I would note. (1) when using the screen in laptop mode it moves around a bit, i.e. the hinges don’t hold the screen as firmly as other laptops I’ve used. It doesn’t affect usability too much, even with the touch screen. (2) The back cover takes some careful prying to remove, but I only had to do it once. (3) The battery is internal but can be replaced after removing the back cover. The battery cable attachment is small and requires care when disconnecting and connecting. (4) It is a bit on the heavy side to use as a everyday tablet. I didn’t have any problem with screen management in the various positions as some others have reported, using either Windows 8.1 or 10. (4) This unit doesn’t have an internal DVD/CD drive but an $8 USB DVD/CD drive from NewEgg worked well for software installations. One of my students quickly realized they can’t watch DVDs any more. Streaming will have to do…

Bottom line:

If you’re looking for this type of convertible laptop and aren’t fixated on it being ultra light, I would recommend this model. An SSD upgrade makes it even better.