Asus 15.6" 4K Ultra-HD Intel i7 Touch Ultrabook

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Asus 15.6" 4K Ultra-HD Intel i7 Touch Ultrabook
Price: $849.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Wednesday, Aug 24 to Monday, Aug 29) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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7/20/2016 - $849.99 - Click To See Discussion (45 comments)

Hi folks…what’s the battery life on this?

I feel cheapened … This morning I had both Woot and Amazon ads trying to dump this same laptop for the same price. We all know Woot is Amazon’s dumping ground, but does it have to be so obvious? The Woot of the Day was supposed to be kind of exclusive.

Google notebooks you’re looking at, then (if available) click on the NotebookCheck links. These guys are ridiculously in depth on their reviews:

Couldn’t have left well enough alone and kept the original OS on it, instead they had to go and install the spyware.

Some caution here about the mustard yellow display. No fix for this model.

Also the dodgy hinges will last upwards to a year, so open/close the lid s-l-o-w-l-y to preserve its life.

… and hope you never have to deal with Asus warranty/repair.

It is hard to beat the performance for the cost, and this laptop doesnt have to worry about obsolescence anytime soon…however touch screens are useless on non convertiblesand cause unnecessary battery drain. The Achilles heel here.

ANYWAYS, if you can afford it and dont need an ultra portable notebook, this would be a GREAT buy.

PS. three to four hours to answer your original question.

Really big money for a laptop with no optical drive, refurbished, only 512gigs(albeit ssd), and only 15.6inch screen. I would have expected more.


gals? chicks? people?

It doesn’t even come with a crt monitor or ms-dos installed.

i don’t know about their laptop stuff, but the time i had an issue with a motherboard from asus it went smoothly and swiftly.

Did anyone buy this the last time?

Very hard to find these specs with a 4k touchscreen for $849…even refurbs.

Please! STOP with PC (in) correctness. “Guys” is a generic term for homosapiens in a collective description. Give it a rest!

For gaming would be more happy with 4GB of VRAM for better future-proofing. This would be ok for playing league, dota, CS at max settings or latest COD at medium.

I just bought this on Amazon last week. It should arrive tomorrow.

The Amazon deal was $50 more, but I had a ton of points and gift card balance, so I paid about $600. There are two reviews so far that say this came with win 8.1 and not 10. I’ll see and complain to Amazon -if needed.

I was looking for a ultrabook, 16g(or capable) with a fairly new quad core i7. I figured this was the best deal for the price. The offset to keyboard touchpad is my only functional concern.

i also bought the ASUS ZenBook Pro sold by WOOT Signature Edition
on amazon last week,amazon it did NOT list the model-

I’m writing this on my Asus Zenbook Prime w/ 3rd gen i7 processor. 128GB SSD. 13" IPS screen w/ 1080x1920 resolution. No video card. No touch screen. I wooted it in December 2013 for around $650. I can easily say that this is my favorite laptop of all that I’ve owned. It’s very thin and looks good. Still runs all programs and Windows 8 very fast. Battery life is still solid (has gone from 8ish hours per charge to 6ish now, depending on screen brightness and load).

There is one flaw however, which is the touch pad. On all Zenbook models that I can recall, they are VERY sensitive – to the point where sometimes it’s erratic. You can avoid this by pairing with a bluetooth mouse (if you’re using the touchpad instead of the screen.)