Asus 15.6" 4K Ultra-HD Intel i7 Touch Ultrabook

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Asus 15.6" 4K Ultra-HD Intel i7 Touch Ultrabook
Price: $849.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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I was tempted till I saw the track pad is not properly centered over the letter B. It is offset to the right centered over the letter N. Very stupid design.

Strange, that’s the way I like my track pads. It means that the middle of the trackpad is just under my right thumb when typing.

The past sales of this item on WOOT had Windows 8 and 10 as advertised. Does this one really have Windows 10?

That should be NOT 10 as advertised. Sorry.

There’s a note on the photos that says these are shown with Windows 8, but will come with Windows 10 Home installed.

I’ll for one will never buy another ASUS product. Been burned by them in the past.
I have one of their refurb ROG laptops from several years back that I bought through them from Amazon. I went through two refurbs before getting one that actually worked. Not only is it an absolute goddamn tank but it also gets way too hot. Also bought one of their Transformer Infinity TF700 tablets with keyboard dock new from Best Buy a few years back. That thing is such a massive hunk of *&@##$%! They have a major flash memory flaw, or something that is causing it to run reeeeeeeeeeally slow. I even tried restoring the device multiple times, but it’s just garbage. Save your money and do not buy anything ASUS.

I purchased an ASUS transformer laptop from woot in 2010, and used it every day. I purchased another ASUS laptop from woot in 2014 because it was cheap and had a bigger screen, and started using that one every day. Neither has given me any trouble. I have an ASUS wireless N dual-band router, which is really fast and has been trouble free for a few years. It’s always possible to get a bad model or example from any vendor, but I see ASUS as a quality brand. But then, I wouldn’t buy anything from Best Buy anymore, they seem to stock the lower grade models, and always seem to be 30% more than I can find it online.

I have an Asus tablet with a keyboard that I bought for around $250 a few years ago. It’s got Windows 8 and won’t upgrade to Windows 10. That’s the only problem with my device. Otherwise, I absolutely love it. It has amazing battery life - I can use it for 7 or more hours to take notes during seminars. I wouldn’t run Photoshop on it but it’s powerful enough to run all the Office software I need.

I didn’t realize people still used the term “ultrabook.” Surprised to find out it’s a (fairly arbitrary) set of specs put out by intel as a branding move.

The Woot page says “Warranty: 90 Day Asus”, but if I click on the link, the Asus Warranty says: “This Warranty applies only if the Product was newly manufactured on the Date of Purchase and not sold
as used, refurbished or manufacturing seconds.”

So is there really an Asus warranty?

You can still get Win 10 upgrade free if you want. Google Win 10 accessibility.

I think you read this wrong. It will have 10 as advertised and NOT 8 as pictured. That was my take.

I have confirmed this with the buyer, yes it is covered by the ASUS warranty.

If there is something wrong with the machine in 90 days, do I return it to woot or to ASUS somehow?

You would reach out to ASUS, because the warranty is with them, and they would instruct you on what to do from that point.

I bought this from the last time it was on woot a couple weeks ago, very happy with it… nice little laptop, runs overwatch great, the 4k is not so noticable on such a small screen but still not too bad… kind of future proof, ssd is nice windows 10 loads in like 5 seconds or less haha, good deal!

About a month ago this was up for sale, I had my work purchase me one as I didn’t want a Macbook.

The unit worked well enough and the 4k display is nice and crisp.

There was a rather large unexpected dent in the back and display was actually faulty with some invertor issues.

Asus did in fact honor a 90 day warranty and the unit is in their possession right now. The process is pretty simple. You just contact their support team, provide them with the information, and send the unit in with the provided RMA form. Shipping was not covered.