Asus 15.6" 4K Ultra-HD Intel i7 Touch Ultrabook

I’m sitting around waiting for someone to tell me if this is a good deal! I need a computer that will work for a little gaming, but also day to day stuff - budgeting, taxes, etc… someone help, lest I spend my weekend paralyzed by indecision.

Same here! I’ve been wanting something like this, and telling myself when they get vaguely reasonable in price I’d get one. But I don’t know a lot about Asus.

If I’m not mistaken this is one of last year’s models, but the specs are basically the same aside from the processor, which is very close to the same (this year has the i7-6700HQ with the same clock speed). They’re solid computers, and the current model with the same 512GB SSD, 16GB RAM and GTX960M 2GB graphics goes for about $1500 at retail. Make of that what you will.

As for Asus, I’ve had a number of their laptops and have no real complaints aside from the thought that there are probably better options for the power connectors - but that’s really nitpicking. The one time I’ve needed customer service they were responsive, accomodating, and easy to work with.

I bit the bullet a bought it.
Its a great deal compared to the “new” retail version about $800 less. I got the one with the SSD and HD for speed. It’s coming tomorrow, I’ll let you know my first impressions. BTW I’m in PA and it took 3 days to get here-that’s fast shipping-thanks Amazon :slight_smile:

The i7-6700T is actually faster than the HQ version

It’s done. Thank you random internet strangers for justifying my unplanned credit card spending. Have a great weekend :slight_smile:

I have an earlier Asus n61jv x2 to be particular and updating the BIOS killed the computer.

You do also. I get mine today and will tell all soon. I hope you will share your experience also with us on this Asus