Asus 15.6" A8 Quad-Core Laptop

**Item: **Asus 15.6" A8 Quad-Core Laptop
Price: $299.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Factory Reconditioned

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Good news, it’s cheap. However my fellow wooter, it’s junk. I purchased this notebook about 6 months ago. Today, I’m having issues with it. I wouldn’t buy asus again. Well, I won’t listen to my friend either who told me asus is a great pc.

You’re complaining that a 300 dollar laptop has issues? Not to mention you didn’t even elaborate on what issues you’re having. For all we know, it could be related to Windows.

I’ve purchased laptops through the years ranging from $800+ to refurbished < $400 and they all seem to have their own issues here and there. To be honest, I’d rather have an issue on a $300 laptop than a $800 premium laptop.

Let’s watch an unboxing [youtube=5e3VAaOJjKI][/youtube]

I can attest that Asus makes some of the best laptops out there. Those are their top of the line models though, their bargain models I’m not sure about. YMMV

Oh heavens, it doesn’t have an aluminum case and cost $1500 or more!

Decent but price really should be about $250. Not a bad buy but not a steal.

That unboxing is truly scary. I feel like I’ve been violated by a shaky cam.

Have had this exact laptop over a year. No problems yet. Not super fast but your not gonna find anything in this price range. Put in an ssd and better ram and its a pretty decent laptop.

cpu benchmarks

I’ve been on woot for a very long time. This is an amazing deal even by woot standards. $300 for an A8 is just O_O. An Asus at that. Low on the ram, just upgrade later.

Even Honda has the one in a thousand lemons. Sorry that happened, but there is a reason ASUS is the number 1 motherboard manufacturer.

Can’t tell if being facetious.

With a Passmark score of just 2722, this is strictly for basic computing, i.e. websurfing, word processing, etc. Which is to say that it’s perfect for most students, parents/grandparents, etc. At only $299, it’s much easier to dispose and upgrade if one’s needs change. One can’t say the same of a $1000 Macbook.

Not much in reviews so far:

Although only available in Boca Raton, FL, the Best Buy link is worth it for 117 review, 4.3 stars:

here’s the support page for downloads, including the manual for the K55N series

and as a reminder, ASUS has a good rep, including the annual PC Magazine readers’ survey

That’s all I can do tonight. Sorry, I’ve gotten so busy at work, it’s a lot rarer I can do this. Missed this/y’all. Gotta go. Might be able to sneak back for one thing, but I’ve got work.

From the Description:

I’ve never found a warm palmrest to be a problem. In fact, it’s welcomed in the Winter. And doesn’t heat help prevent carpal tunnel? A much more common complaint is that the bottom gets too hot for putting on the laps.

As for the large touchpad, I recently bought two new laptops and I DETEST the large one-piece touchpads. They require too much movement from my fingers. I also can’t stand this new reliance on gestures because the touchpad is constantly misinterpreting my movements. Finally, the one piece constuction, where the buttons are connected seamlessly to the pad is really annoying because I often don’t know if I’m on a button or the pad. And of course, I ABHOR Windows 8… Arrrrrrggggg…

you do what you gotta do. we appreciate all your effort, but we’d much rather see you stay employed!

Resell value of this computer in a year: $0. Resell value of a $1000 MacBook in two years? $600 to $800. Which is the best value again?

If accepted as true, those are essentially the same ~$300 depreciation. If they are truly comparable, it is implied that the tasks to be performed on the Mac are capable on the featured notebook. So, if the featured laptop suffices, what is the sense in spending an additional $700? Furthermore, what need is there to sell the unit in a year’s time? And if it is not sold, what matters its monetary value?

The medical term is colonoscopy.

ever notice how no matter how many cores, how much ram, or how fast computers are today versus even 3 years ago… they’re only good for basics…
So… if I replace my netbook with ATOM processor with this quad core 1.9ghz I’m gaining…according to the score nothing.

Since my 4 year old N310 has XP I think I’ll stick with it… but I’m curious what is all the fancy stuff this quad-core (which is more powerful than any desktop I have owned thus far) is not good enough to do…
time for some google I guess.
Wife just bought a dual core Intel Toshiba for school and this has better specs from what I remember about hers - now I’m rethinking what we bought.