Asus 15.6" A8 Quad-Core Laptop

I agree and add, I believe that a lot of folks on here are higher end users, doing thing like burning videos to DVDs, playing Star Wars Battle of the Republic online while streaming audio from and having their email checked every 2 mins. For the casual user to the more multi tasking ones, this seems to be a great deal with a little upgrading of the ram and installing Windows 7 if you really hate Windows 8. I just upgrade my HP Pavilion DM1 that came with Windows 7 Home 64 Bit to Windows 7 Pro with an SSD and it runs 200% better. Still hate the touch pad but you learn to live with issues. If you are in need of an inexpensive laptop this one fits the bill.

but then you are 300 dollars away from another premium laptop instead of a low end laptop, just some more food for thought for those in need of a laptop with the money to spend now.

The one you don’t want to sell in two years.

This computer will def. be faster than your Atom computer.

Quadcores are great for doing tasks that take advantage of them like encoding movies. This processor will be more than enough for just about everyone.

Here is a thought: Buy what works for you and not worry about what something is going to be worth in a couple years, esp when the two computers aren’t in the same catagory.

Plus, this computer will be worth $100 to $150, not zero.

for $300 this isn’t bad for an Asus. I might hold out for one of the Intel i3 based refurbs though. I keep missing those somehow.

Your statement is so credible after stating that Vista is better than Windows 8.

Windows 8 is, hands down, the fastest Windows yet. If you don’t like the Metro UI… don’t use it. You don’t have to use metro apps (I uninstalled most of the stock ones), you don’t have to even look at the metro screen. It’s JUST the start button menu and nothing more. Do you sit in ANY other version of windows with the start button pressed and looking at your list of programs all day? No? Then you won’t ever see the metro start screen then either. That’s all it is.

If you can somehow make it past that, the entire back end has been rewritten from the ground up and it’s blazing fast. Even older PC/laptops I’ve tested it on have gained noticeable speed improvements over Windows 7 and XP.

VS windows 7, boot times are just a couple seconds. File copy times are almost cut in half, especially over a network. Memory handling is much better. A lot of the UI has been greatly improved with more and better information.

I could go on about how much better it handles everything… but no need… you can’t look past the metro start screen and automatically write the entire OS off.

Think most people buy a computer with the idea they will use it until it’s obsolete or dies and have little interest in resale value.

You can turn the sensitivity up on your touchpad so that tiny swipes throw your mouse over the whole screen (or screens? I don’t know how you roll.) You can also disable gestures, the touch buttons, and the two finger scrolling. Pretty much all of those features are fully customizable.

Either way, I usually prefer the nipple mouse. Thing zooms.

Will someone please tell me even just one feature that’s in Windows 7 which is missing from Windows 8. Don’t say “Start Menu” or “Desktop” since both of those are available in Windows 8. We get it already, you hate Windows 8, just like people before you hated Windows 7, Vista, and XP. What you really mean is that you hate change. That’s OK, but just like you can make XP look like Win2K, you can make 8 look like 7 while retaining the under the hood improvements. I haven’t come across anything Windows 8 has that Windows 7 doesn’t even if you don’t use even a single new feature.

EDIT: Switch that and reverse it. I meant “I haven’t come across anything Windows 7 has that Windows 8 doesn’t even if you don’t use even a single new feature.” In other words, if you claim that Windows 7 is better than 8, name one thing you like about 7 that is NOT also in 8.

Good deal, I am in for 1. try my luck, never had an issue with Asus, great brand and it is Factory refurb, I have also just ordered 4GB ram from newegg @ 34.00 to double the ram.
We will see how it works. Update after i receive it. Thanks WOOT!

I think that people just don’t like it because it doen’t have the start button so that makes it harder to find things you use, I do not have any problems with Win 8 either, pretty stable (for windows).

Very tempted,looks like a very good deal but would not buy without ST extended warranty. I’d be looking at $360 delivered so it’s right on the edge for me.

Does anyone know how the memory is allocated in this? Asus specs says there are two memory slots. So does it come with 1x4GB or 2x2GB? I want to buy a 4GB upgrade and I’m wondering if I’ll end up with 8GB or … 6GB.

Well said.

Don’t forget the worst commentary in history!

I bought an Asus K55A model back in Feb from woot. I was surprised to see that it shipped with 1 x 4gb instead of 2 x 2gb. There is no guarantee this will ship the same. My recommendation is wait until you get the laptop to buy your RAM. Look up the numbers on the installed RAM so that you can purchase RAM that not only has the same speed, but has the same timings also.

Does this information help? (Didn’t read it thoroughly…)

Specs from

I’ve been using an Asus N61VG since 2009 mainly for work and it serves its purpose. Sure it has a 2.20 ghz Dual Core and an nVidia 220M graphics card in it which means it can handle some older games such as Half Life 2, Left 4 Dead, and it can handle StarCraft 2 just fine on lower settings.

For what this laptop is spec’d for it’ll work just fine - which is email, web surfing, standard things, but as for gaming, which is what the higher end laptops (and most preferably desktops), that’s when they start to cost a lot more.

For those planning on buying this laptop and upgrading the RAM, that’s a good idea, but I’d do it sooner rather than later as the price of RAM is still rising.

I realize the article is a touch dated, but it still applies.

I bought this same model at best buy on clearance for about the same price. If you are interested, check your local best buy. A clearance or open box model will have a one year warranty. Refurbs are typically 90 days. I returned mine. I can deal with learning Windows 8. I couldn’t deal with the absence of mouse buttons. Yes, you can do many things with gestures, but double tapping then holding on the second tap just to drag or outline something was just too awkward for me. You drag the top of an app to the bottom of the screen to close it. I kept running out of trackpad halfway down the screen. Yes, you can adjust the mouse functions but I decided that I was going to need real buttons on my trackpad. I returned it to best buy and they sold it as open box with a year warranty for about $250.