Asus 15.6" A8 Quad-Core Laptop

**Item: **Asus 15.6" A8 Quad-Core Laptop
Price: $299.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Factory Reconditioned

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We bought this a couple of weeks ago when Woot had it. Primarily we got it for my wife’s school work. It is a great machine and so far we haven’t experienced any serious issues. It’s packed with connectivity options with HDMI and VGA out, also the USB 3.0 ports are nice and snappy. For this price I highly recommend this computer if you’re in the market.

Solid reviews (4 out of 5 eggs) over at

Lets take a look at this review

Let’s watch an unboxing [youtube=5e3VAaOJjKI][/youtube]

If this had the A10 instead of the A8 I think I would bite. Still a good deal though.

He apparently unboxed it during the longest earthquake ever recorded.

Wow… I purchased this last week and got a faulty one and they said they had no replacements… Now a few days later they are selling the exact laptop again…? And of course now I cant get it cause my funds are tied up with the return of the first one… Really Woot… really? All I want is to give you my 300$ and get this awesome laptop…

I’m going to purchase this as a kind of back-up tablet and wonder if anyone has any thoughts about buying the square trade protection plan for it or is it not worth it for a machine in this price range?

I would not bother with a protection plan on a laptop this inexpensive.

On an unrelated note, I’ve owned a lot of Asus laptops. They can be terrific values for the price, but you should be aware of a couple of things.

First, the trackpads are just awful. Every Asus I’ve owned (7 so far) has had a trackpad that is more annoying to use than those awful clip-on trackballs we had back in the 90’s. So, budget for an external mouse.

Second, some of the Asus laptops I’ve owned have had awful A/C power jacks. Eventually the power plug pulls on the pin inside the laptop to the point where it breaks off and/or stops working. No idea if this one has that problem, but be careful.

Finally, Asus laptops often overheat. Clean this guy regularly and thoroughly.

Hard to find a better spec’d laptop for $300…

I’m always so disappointed to see these deals saddled with Win8. I know so many peeps who are, like me, looking for a Win7l My sister paid $134 to ‘downgrade’ her new laptop to Win7. I wish Woot would give us a couple of dream-come-true retro Win7 laptop deals for those of us who refuse to just follow the dictates of Microsoft!!!

A few things:

This Win8 things comes up everytime. Win8 is what is out. Win8 is what is going to be put on new computers. Period.

I have used Win8, and while I like Win7 more, it is not horrible. It IS optimized for touch screen which is a mistake but after a few days of playing with it is was more than usable and PROVEN to be faster than Win7.

Lastly, no way in **** I pay $100+ to go back to Win7. Learn Win8 and use the $100+ to upgrade the computer/laptop.

PassMark score.

Don’t let Windows 8 be a problem. Add the program Stardock and you can make the start-up look and act just like Windows 7.

Look down the page for the demo.

Seems like a good deal. Wish Woot would offer some Win8 pc’s with a touch screen though. Think I will pass for now.

I agree. Get over it. I just bought a Samsung touch screen Win8 tablet. As they say, you can get used to anything. Just ask the DOS followers. Besides there are third party apps, not to mention even Microsoft with their next big release, that will take the UI back to the Win7 future.

I also bit on this the last time they listed it. It came without a battery. They said the same thing to me about being out of stock with any more computers. I returned it immediately. Still waiting for a refund. Tic Tock.

Why don’t you pay about five bucks for Stardock’s Start8 instead? I did right after buying my Windows 8 machine and unless I want to use a Win 8 feature, I don’t even notice it’s installed.