Asus 15.6" AMD Dual-Core Laptop

Direct pricing comparisons for this machine… has a lot of laptop package specials, but nothing that quite matches these stats at this price point.

I just had a state of the art computer built with an ASUS mother board, I spent $6000 on the computer and because of the ASUS motherboard, it is basically worthless, I suggest avoiding ASUS. Just my experience. that’s all I am saying

The replacement isn’t any better, same problems

usually there’s an option on the hard drive to burn your own copy

Most computers have a partition on the hard drive with the needed software. You’ll want to make a boot disk right away for emergencies. There’s usually instructions in the included docs or online at Asus.

Have you tried the two-finger scrolling technique?

My girlfriend has an Acer with a A6-3400 overclocked and undervolted. All she does is surf the innernets and watch shows online. People always underestimate AMD APUs/CPUs like they’re useless or something. I dropped an SSD in there and it’s as fast as my Samsung Chronos with an i5 when doing basic stuff.

I always use this. The scrollbar on the side is old-school, people! :slight_smile:

why on gods green earth would you spend $6000 on a computer in this day and age? are you making visual effects for transformers 4? doesnt sound like the budget of a true wooter to me…

on topic: id buy this comp for my mom. all she wants to do is watch youtube videos and catch her favorite shows thru hulu and possibly netflix with this.

wouldnt work for me ive dealt with dual core laptops before, i wouldnt touch photoshop with less than a quad core these days.

I wonder if woot! will ever put up a laptop that has Linux, or at least no OS… I need a new “big boy” laptop, but I promised myself that I wouldn’t buy Windows again. (Technically, I said “until Microsoft GPL’s it”, but that might be a while…)

I have a K53TA from asus, and if you turn the settings down real low (say, for word processing and stuff like that) you can get a whopping 5 hrs battery time. It will disengage the HD card and use what’s built into the APU for video. On performance mode it will have both the APU’s built in video and the HD card and bridge them with what i guess is what’s left of crossfire.

of course i have an A6 and an HD6720G2 1GB

Thank You-- Was whay I needed to make my dicision!

Wondering about shipping time to California, I am at the big yellow buy now button, the system has added five dollars for shipping automatically, but no indication of when it would ship and wHen it would arrive.
Please can someone tell me does pushing the big yellow button finalize the order without any idea of arrival date?
I will be traveling so this is crucial. When would it arrive?
First time here, so thanks, andrew

Download a generic synaptics driver. This touchpad does support multi-touch with the “correct” drivers. NOT the Asus drivers.

I’ve owned this laptop for the past 3 months. Paid $370 @ Best Buy. If anyone is considering taking the plunge on this one, here are my $0.02:

Pros: Incredibly sturdy, solid machine. It doesn’t overheat, and believe me, I’ve tried. Once left it on underneath blankets on high performance no AC for nearly a day, and although the fan was on full blast, the PC was just a bit warm. Battery lasts well over 7 hours on battery save mode. HD replacement is just as easy as RAM replacement. I replaced the 320 HD with a 1TB recently and I was surprised, it’s unlike some dell laptops out there which require you to practically dismantle them completely.
I use it on my home Gigabit network, and I can transfer about 100 megabytes per second to and fro my file server. It’s strange how this feature is not available in many more expensive laptops, which puts this one at an advantage over others when in many LAN scenarios. The USB3 is a nice thing to have especially to restore the hard drive from an image.
It has a neat feature where you can use one of the USB ports to charge your phone even while the computer is off. Not much of a gaming PC but I’ve been able to run Starcraft 2 on lowest settings. I have been able to also run Arma 2 on low settings without a problem. The gesture software for the touchpad is nice after you get used to it.

Cons: The keys are not smooth surfaced, which means that the ones you use most will wear off noticeably. After 3 months half of my spacebar is already stripped shiny as well as my AERTF & J keys.
Although you can play Starcraft 2 on it, there are high demanding maps where enough action will noticeably overload the PC and will enfuriate everyone you’re playing with. This is not really a gaming PC.
The camera’s functionality is abysmal in low light conditions. Forget about video conferencing at night. It only works during daytime or in a brightly lit room.
The audio is also sub par. You’ll need headphones or external speakers for this one.

Conclusion: Unlike what some people here might believe, this is much more powerful than a netbook (even though it’s priced as such), and in many ways it can compete against laptops sold here around the $500 range. At $270 I’m tempted to clone myself and buy another.
If you don’t mind the cons, you will probably feel the same way.

Hope this helps.

Allow up to 5 days for your order to process and ship although it often faster. Then allow shipping time. This is being drop-shipped directly from the vendor.

if it’s anything like my 15.6" Asus, the touchpad is multitouch. 2-finger drag is mouse wheel scroll. 2-finger tap is mouse wheel press. 3-finger tap is right click. This can be configure under mouse settings.

People must seriously be sleepy since the main picture is of the 17" model and not the one being sold??? And no one noticed yet?

Why do you think this?

Sounds like you or whoever built the computer bought the wrong motherboard and you’re blaming it on Asus. In my experience, their components have been top-notch and their customer service equally so. I trashed my CMOS and they overnighted me a replacement for free, no questions asked.