Asus 15.6" Convertible Touch Notebooks

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Asus 15.6" Convertible Touch Notebooks
Price: $449.99 - 499.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Tuesday, Jul 21 to Friday, Jul 24) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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can we replace the hard drive without taking the entire backplate off and disassembling the laptop?

Just looked at mine, it appears you have to at least take off the 10 screws holding the back plate on. Haven’t looked inside to know how many more are hiding in wait, hope this helped.

Please verify screen resolution.

Review sites like the following are saying that it is 1366x768

[MOD: It’s 1920x1080.]

More on the i5 from Notebook Check
And the i7

Yeah, I am seeing 1366X768 resolution on the I7 as well.

Definitely need a statement that resolution is absolutely as stated in description.

Hey all, we’re run these quite a few times in the past and nobody has complained that they weren’t 1920x1080.

Asus says they can be 1920x1080.

Most computers come with different variations of the hardware.

This one is 1920x1080.

This one is 1920x1080:
ASUS Transformer Book Flip TP500LA Signature Edition Laptop

No - but it isn’t that difficult to do. There are some good videos on Youtube to show you how.

802.11 b/g/n not a/c.

You’re right. The nice thing is that these cards are easy to switch out (especially since the whole back comes off-see video, it’s right in the middle) and the AC cards with Bluetooth not very expensive. Something like this is like $25.
sometimes you have issues with compatibility (if the bios has whitelists), but that’s usually seen more on business models.


Dissapointing that Amazon has a machine that is a newer generation for about the same price. Bad deal Woot.

Here’s a fairly good review on this series of notebooks. These notebooks don’t have a dedicated video GPU that this review spends a lot of time talking about.

Note: he is wrong about it not being user serviceable - you can fairly easily take the 10 screws off the bottom and carefully pry the bottom cover off.

As far as I can tell, it does not have a backlit keyboard. However, it does come with an integrated 24GB SSD card that acts like a cache in front of the HDD. This helps a little with faster boots and loading some programs, however, it does not take the place of a dedicated solid state drive, nor will it perform as well.

On second look I’m not sure this model does have the integrated 24GB SSD drive. That might be only on the model that has the integrated Video graphics.

Does anyone know if you can add an internal DVD or BlueRay drive to this model? I know that some models come with an optical drive. It would be nice to have for playing movies.

Based on this slim factor, there is no room, nor a slot for an optical drive (see video above). Just get an external USB 3.0 blu-ray, it’s more awkward- but I’m finding that I rarely use my optical drives anymore. I primarily stream movies or watch movie files. I just keep one in the laptop bag. Here is one for $70 (after promo code) and free shipping

Thanks for that link. I have an external USB DVD drive. I think you are right that this model does not have the extra bay to put in an optical drive or a second HDD. I will find out once I receive it.

Any idea how the i7 model would do with working up data? I want to use this primarily for science presentations and data workup (not simulations) that uses large Excel and SigmaPlot files. Would this more than take care of the processing power I need?
Help is appreciated :slight_smile: