Asus 15.6" Core i5 VivoBook Touch

**Item: **Asus 15.6" Core i5 VivoBook Touch
Price: $499.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned

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Product Website along with a Digital Trends Review.

Let’s read some info on the i5 processor over at

Can’t decide which processor is right for you? Check out this handy processor guide

reading reviews and I can’t figure out: is this a single drive with 24gb cache aka a hybrid drive. Or does this have 2x drives? One ssd and one normal hdd?.. this very important for expandability. One drive is “meh” but two is “hubba hubba”.
my mind says it has to be 1 drive but my heart longs to buy it and find out.

According to page 96 of the manual, located here, the illustration shows only enough room for a single drive. I’m thinking 750 GB Hybrid.

Bullet 4 & 5 of the product description answer your question

  • 750GB SATA hard drive has plenty of space to store your digital albums, music library and rich media files

  • 24GB SSD for fast Windows booting and everyday computing tasks like surfing the web or playing PC games

I believe there is only 1 drive bay. The Kingston 24GB SSD cache is like in a PCI express slot (I’m guessing) resembles this:

This came from a foreign review of a similar Asus Ultrabook.

I bought the i3 version of this with 4 Gig of RAM. Added another 4 Gig and swapped the 500GB drive for a 250 Gig SSD. Power on to login takes 11 seconds and it is extremely fast. I would snag this one in a heartbeat if I hadn’t recently bought the one I have.

Let’s look at

So not much of a deal Woot

Well - that’s a smaller-sized laptop with less RAM and a smaller hard drive.

While I get your point, it’s not the same machine.

Conversely, if you look at the Asus in the same size/core/memory over on NewEgg (can’t match the model# exactly, so I don’t feel comfortable posting the link up) this machine is about $200 less.

At any rate, I’m looking for a portable machine to primarilly run Word for working on the go (or when I’m stuck at the dealership for FIVE FRACKING HOURS waiting on van repair) and the occasional bad-girl foray into FFXIV when I am not at home. Would this do the trick?

this should play it with no problem

I have one of these, it’s an S500CA but slightly different specs (came with a 500GB hard drive). I found the display too glossy and reflective for use in the office where I work, the sun glare made it impossible to see. Bought a matte screen protector from eBay and I’m much happier with it.

Also found the machine to be pretty slow with Windows 8 and the regular hard drive. I finally ended up getting a Samsung 840 SSD and installed Windows 7 - the machine is SO much better now! Previously it was crashing constantly and would hang in Windows 8. Now it boots extremely fast and the drive is no longer the bottleneck. Good machine though, it’s pretty lightweight for the size and all that it has, and I like the large screen.

Yep that’s correct. The 24GB SSD is separate but it’s not a regular SATA drive, probably PCI Express as you said.

How long is it going to take for mainstream windows computers to get away from this sh_tty 1366X768 resolution. When my 6 year old daughter can look at the same size font on 2 similar screens and can easily and accurately tell me which screens are 1080P and which 1366x768, it’s definitely time to move on.

I would say not. This review isn’t exactly the precise model on Woot but looks pretty close. Five hours is probably not going to happen, and it could last less than two.

It also seems like the battery options have gone downhill lately. I replaced the battery in my netbook years ago with the extra large model and get a little over 12 hours, but I’m having trouble determining whether extra large batteries are available most of the ultrabooks available today.

I figure anything less than eight hours means you’ll be tethered to a plug outlet saw I would call it “transportable” as opposed to “portable”. In a post-iPad world where charging is “every day or two” instead of “every hour or two” I can’t seriously entertain the idea of buying a laptop that won’t at least get me through a standard eight hour work day.

Samsung 840 is a sweet SSD, I used one of these in an Asus K55A I5-3210m and changed it to Windows 7. This thing screams now for starting out as a $400 laptop. I still hate the fact that it is 1366x768 resolution, but other than that it works great.

This laptop (and most ultrabooks these days) do not have removable batteries so you are not going to find options for replacing them with larger batteries as they are not “user replacable parts.” While I understand that some manufacturers don’t consider RAM “user replacable” in a tight space like an ultrabook and how the battery is most likely assembled in the case, there is probably little to no room for even the most adventurous of tinkeres to do much in terms of upgrading it.

I’ve been looking for a mid tier “gaming” laptop for around this price. How would this do running games like skyrim, civ 5, or Starcraft 2?

I know it’s not really built for gaming but I can handle these sorts of games on low settings if necessary.

Do you think this would be a good option for me?