Asus 15.6" Core i5 VivoBook Touch

**Item: **Asus 15.6" Core i5 VivoBook Touch
Price: $499.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Factory Reconditioned

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Cutting it pretty close with the 24gb ssd. Windows 8 minimum for 64bit is 20gb. Plus there’s the 8.1/Blue update coming soon.

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Let’s check out the product page

Does anyone know of this has digitizer pen input?

How can I confirm it has Bluetooth? No mention but Base model on Asus site says V4.0.

I believe the SSD is not usable storage space, but just used as a cache. My wife has one, and it’s a pretty good machine for general use. My only complaint is the lack of customizable trackpad options. I really miss the scroll in the right edge area sometimes.

SSD means Solid State Drive. Its a much more stable drive that is highly resistant to failing.

Right, but many laptop manufacturers have been offering small cache chips. It’s SSD space, but it’s just used to cache information to speed up retrieval and not to store anything permanently.

SSD is not, to my knowledge, more resistant to failure than a standard hard drive. SSDs are popular mostly because they are dramatically faster than standard HDDs.

On the subject of failure, SSDs are less robust in one very important way…when an SSD fails, it usually fails completely and catastrophically, which makes it really important to keep good backups if your machine is solely SSD.

SSD is well worth having, IMO, because it’s the greatest performance improvement available, and SSDs get cheaper all the time. But I would not purchase an SSD-equipped system on the basis of failure resistance.

If you can figure out the manufacturer of your trackpad (Synaptics, Elan, etc.), you might be able to find a driver package for it that would include the customization options. Worth a look, at least.

The information we got from the vendor says no bluetooth.



What do we have here? The buyer is in a good mood? On a Tuesday? Who spiked his coffee? Do I need to ask another question?


The price is now $479.99.

Not so small print: If you already purchased this doodaddy, money will come flying back to your pockets soonish.

Does it come with a battery? the “What’s In The Box” info sez:
AC Adapter

[MOD: Yes, it comes with a rechargeable battery. It’s listed in the specs.]

The mouse pad offers smart gesture technology. Look above to find the product page someone else posted. It looks like if you use 2 fingers at the same time and swipe up or down you will get the same effect.

Looking at the form factor it would appear that there is no removable battery which is why it wouldn’t be listed. After glancing at the product page that is my thought. I could not confirm this though.

Ah. That would make more sense. Since it wasn’t a hybrid drive I assumed they were loading the OS on the ssd.

Specs state: Battery: 4-Cell Lithium-Polymer

Thanks for the quick reply!