Asus 15.6" Core i5 VivoBook Touch

Is this item avaiable with 8 gb ram?

[MOD: Sorry, only as shown on the sale page.]

hi i placed an order my credit card called me and asked if it was legit…of course i said it was. they quoted the exact amount but no order is showing up in my account please help. i really want the laptop

ADMIN please email me

You can email for more information but since this sale ends today, I asked CS for you. The sale went through, it just hasn’t been imported yet. That is, it will show up in STUFF YOU BOUGHT in a little while. Or so I’m told.

Hate to be that guy, but I am. That’s not the exact same machine. Spec says Bluetooth 4 but Woot states that here is no Bluetooth.

Damn time zone changes. It’s 2300, woot should have cycled an hour ago. But noooooooooo. I’m in Eastern time, not Pacific.
Basty nastards.

Does anyone know if the SSD drive user serviceable? I would like to up grade it if it is.