Asus 15.6" Dual-Core i3 Laptop

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Asus X502C 15.6" Laptop
Price: $329.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Friday, Dec 20 to Tuesday, Dec 24)
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Here is the Product Page
Lots of reviews from Best Buy

A couple of solid reviews (4.1 out of 5.0) over at

Of course I find a perfect Christmas gift, and they don’t offer expedited shipping to actually get it in time!

I didn’t even look at the specs, I just want to say what a horrible experience I had with Asus’ RMA department when replacing a motherboard.

I have to call them again, because my motherboard now has a USB issue. It’s no laptop, but I have read that their laptop/tablet RMA department isn’t any better.

If you need to have it fixed under warranty, google for tips before you call.

Let’s see…

  • Available in sissy pink or puke green.
  • Comes with Windows 8 with no touch screen.

No wonder these things are on sale.

I purchased this at Stapels on Dec 4. I will be returning it when I go back to town tomorrow. Too Bad, it is a great looking little laptop but everything is going wrong.

-Weird lines appear and disappear across the screen
-Volume stopped working.
-Randomly just dies and has to be hard booted back up


This lost me at “Asus”. I bought a desktop from TigerDirect (never again). Great specs, great price. Ha. Win 7 was still new, so I was glad to get it on said desktop, till I turn it on and find out it’s in French. I called TigerDirect, who said to call Asus, and then of course, Asus said to call TD. I gave up and put XP on it, and it lasted just till the warranty expired. Never again.

Wow! A Terabit per second!

If you are looking for a good deal, this may not be the best offering here at woot!. The link that I am listing here in my post looks like the same computer- only new. First, you will be paying $35 ($30 cost difference + $5 shipping) more for a factory reconditioned computer with a 90-day warranty, and all this comparsion information is based on The link is for the pink one but I see the green one is available too. At this link the computer is $299.99 with free shipping and comes with a 1 year warranty. If the computers are not the same in some minor way, I think that this link will give you some comparison information and reviews to read that may be helpful.

[MOD: The processor on the one you linked is a Pentium. Ours is a Core i3.]

Also the ones at Best Buy have BLUE TOOTH capabilities.

Yes, they do. As long as we don’t remove the colors.

The processor has one too many digits it it. Take out the “1.”


hat tip

According to Asus, there are Windows 7 drivers available for it so you may exorcise that Windows 8 abomination.

ARGH! I just bought this laptop for my wife for $579. Even at that price point it was a GREAT deal…at this price point it’s insane. It’s very, very fast, slim profile, and just all around awesome…

Edit: Just realized it’s not the same model, the one I got has a 24GB SSD and touchscreen and this one appears to not have it. phew