Asus 15.6" Dual-Core i5 Laptop

$419 at (Not) Best Buy.

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Asus 15.6" Dual-Core i5 Laptop
$399.99 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Processor Benchmark if thats the kind of thing that excites you.

Here is a bigger chart

Really not digging the 4-cell battery…

Finally! Intel Processors! yay

Looking for a laptop for my retired parents, who want something that can manage basic web stuff.

So this seems fine, but the one thing they are keen to start doing is videochat with family located across the country. Will the 0.3MP webcam make for a perfectly lousy image for the folks across the country they’re speaking with? Or is it adequate, or even better since a 0.3MP outgoing video feed requires much less uplink bandwidth? (They have a basic cable modem from Comcast.) Advice appreciated.

.3MP cameras are a joke. Usually when you see a video on youtube that was recorded with a 1MP (or less) camera there will always be a comment accompanying it that reads: “Was this recorded with a potato?”

Here is a great webcam It doesn’t suck up bandwith and your family will actually be able to recognize your folks. As an added bonus, It qualifies for free super saver shipping and is under 20 bucks.
I used it for a few years before upgrading to an HD cam that I can’t use to full potential because I’m on wireless.

Also Also, That camera should automatically adjust to stream the best quality your internet can handle.

I just bought an i3 machine for my mom that has the same chassis. Be advised: the onboard speakers are laughably terrible, far worse than average. The chassis also feels cheap and plasticy, and the machine ships with a load of bloatware.

I purchased the Asus K52F-BBR9 15.6” HD LED Laptop with WiMAX in June of last year and it ran great until the Seagate 500Gb HD failed one night. I replaced it with a WB Blue 1TB drive and am still very happy (except for the loss of some ASUS specific drivers).

Second gen i5 with an OK price, although I don’t know how well Asus refurbs tend to hold up (never had one). Screen isn’t great, and nothing too special overall, but not bad either.

What I find hilarious is the side profile photo. They’ve tapered the front of the laptop way down to try to give it the appearance of being “thin” but it’s so exaggerated that it seems to almost have the opposite effect. Don’t be surprised if the other laptops start to laugh and call it names.

OK, I just bought an IBM T43, for 25 dollars INCLUDING shipping. When I finish it, it will be almost comparable to this, but will leave about 300 dollars in my pocket. Sorry, no camera. No 4 GB of memory. (Only 2GB.)

But, it will have W7 pro premium, and I’ll have the remaining $300.

It will also be a bulletproof IBM.


Um, wasn’t a T43 Pentium-M based? Those topped out at 2.26GHz as I recall, so for comparison purposes:


So if by almost comparable you mean nearly the same clock speed but, oh, something around only 15% of the actual performance, then sure. There’s a reason it was $25. Can’t argue with having extra cash if a 4-generations-older CPU is fast enough to meet your needs though.

Really not getting the point of this post…

Not bad deal for this processor id say. Just think the way to go is SSD drives. Just not enough lappys with them on the market just yet.

It’s a refurb anyway though, so just toss the 500GB drive into a USB drive enclosure and drop in a 128GB Crucial M4 SSD (or whatever SSD you prefer, but those are plenty fast, reliable and have been on sale (new) recently for $89 shipped, or $169 for the 256GB). 128GB is plenty for the OS and a bunch of applications if you keep any necessary large data elsewhere.
Of course there are lots of other laptop models in a similar price range that you could easily do the same with.

.3 camera is actually beyond a joke. You might as well give them a cellphone. I would recommend looking at Walmart online they have some cheap ones with a better camera and basic needs for a cheaper price.

I can’t attest to this particular laptop, but I do own an Asus and use it as my primary computer. I have had mine for 2 years with no issues, which for a lower-end laptop and 10 hours plus of use a day, I’d say they’re reliable machines.

Never liked the ASUS laptops. Heavy, screen glare and speakers that sound like the scratchy little internal speaker inside a desktop. My Cheap DELL’s volume blows it away.

Can you add more memory easily ?
How about swapping the hard drive for a larger one ?

STAY AWAY!! I had one of these or a similar one and it was a DOG. I am by no means an expert on anything, but I have been in IT for 15 years so I know a bit more than the average user. Within 2 weeks of usage, it slowed to a crawl and was unusable. I blew the entire drive away, re-partitioned and reloaded a clean Win 7 Pro and within a few more weeks it was once again unusable. Freezing, BSOD, 3 minute start ups, I tweaked and tuned the hell out of it, but to no avail. This found it’s way to the recycle center in record time. Wouldn’t buy another ASUS for ANY price. Oh, and talk about bloatware, it was everywhere. It took me days to locate and remove it all. Do yourself a favor, and just stay away.