Asus 16GB MeMO Pad 7" Tablet w/ Cover

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Asus 16GB MeMO Pad 7" Tablet w/ Cover
Price: $79.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Read and watch this “OK” review from cnet

I have severa tablets, including the feature-packed 10.1" quad core Asus TF701. Yet I probably use this most at home because it’s cheap, comfortable to hold and very functional. Cheap is important because I tend to fall asleep while reading and have been known to drop devices. At $79, I won’t worry too much. It’s the price of many Chinese-made generics found on eBay, yet you’re getting Asus quality. Whle not a speed demon, I haven’t found any horrible lags and it does everything I need it to do. That said, I admit to not being a heavy duty gamer. So while I dod recommend this tablet, here are some CONS…

  1. There is no GPS or electronic compass. Any navigation will then depend on your ISP.

  2. The sound is monaural, not stereo. It’s not bad though, and you can hear stereo sound through headsets.

  3. The display is not HD but its certainly isn’t bad.

  4. There is no rear camera.

  5. It doesn’t have HDMI output.

  6. There is no Bluetooth.

How is the web browsing experience on this? I would like to get my husband a cheap tablet to play around with and do some rooting/programming, but his other main tablet activity is reading news articles and stuff on the web.

These would even make a good and cheap digital photo frame.

At this price, it’s great eBook reader or basic starter tablet. Perfect for children or older folks who don’t need frills. They can read books, play most games, Skype, email and websurf. One possible problem though. Because there is no Bluetooth, it may not be possible to use a physical keyboard. I’m not sure about this because it does have a micro(mini?)-USB port, which I’ve only used for charging. I don’t know if you can plug a keyboard into the port.

It’s pretty good. I’ve had no problems. Websurfing and eBook reading are my major tasks on this device. Note, however, that it’s not HD so if super sharp images and text are important to you, spend a bit more on the HD model or another HD tablet. The major advantage of this tablet is price. I have several generic Chinese tablets in this price range and they’re nowhere near as smooth as this Asus. And this ha Google Play, which many cheap tablets don’t. Otherwise, it’s very basic.

For what it’s worth, I use Opera because it seems the fastest. It has an “off-road” mode that compresses and optimizes data when the network gets congested.

Exactly. It sits next to my bed as a photo frame. The main screen also gives the time and weather. I also sometimes use it to stream cable TV and Pandora, or lull me to sleeep with nature soounds. Basically, it’s a very sophisticated multimedia alarm clock.

Usually you can. I have a case/keyboard that works through mini usb

This is the first generation ASUS MemoPad. The 173 or HD model has a faster processor,higher resolution, a GPS,Bluetooth,two cameras and stereo speakers. I was able to purchase a new one during Black Friday for under $100. I have used it heavily for the last 3 months and I love it. I would pass on this woot and look for the HD model, either new or reconditioned. You will get a much better tablet for only a few dollars more.

Reputable seller has the HD model for $109 on Ebay with free shipping. Manufacturer refurbished with 90 day warranty like this woot so I’d spend the extra $25 on the newer model.More than 10 available.

can you watch Netflix on it?

is it worth it to spend a few bucks more and buy a HD version?

There are ALWAYS donated frames at Goodwill that are bigger and sell for $7.00. They are located right next to the mounted singing fish.

I agree. I also have the HD model and it’s great. For not much more than this one it’s a better buy.

I have a very small Trio tablet and I can plug in a keyboard that has a mini plug and it works fine. The keyboard was built into a cheap case I bought online and I removed it from the case, which was mostly glorified cardboard.

I heard you can play games on this. What kind of games? I’d like to have something for grandkids to keep them away from computer.

Tell grand kids to BYOD. Why wouldn’t they?

I looked over there and I think you may be looking at the NON HD version for $109. I only found one HD version and it wasn’t free shipping and it has been rooted. Those non HD versions have an “HD camera” and that may be fooling you. Don’t be fooled.

HD Version totally worth it, frills and all Refurbished HD Version via Amazon $109