Asus 17.3" Full HD Core i7 Gaming Laptop

**Item: **Asus 17.3" Full HD Core i7 Gaming Laptop
Price: $999.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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I felt the blank coming… and I F5’d away anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

Welp. Time to go home. Good luck everyone.

Still 49 more of these to go. Buy this crap please. It is not like you would care about the longer battery life and energy efficiency that haswell brings in a behemoth gaming laptop. Just buy this one and skip haswell.

Pros: you can brag about being PC master race

Cons: windows 8

Verdict: buy so we can move on

You will save $165!!! Compared at $1170 on Amazon

So it was 98% when I last checked and now it is 45. Being lazy, I used wolfram alpha to calculate the LCM… Could it be that they’re trying to move over four thousand if these today?

Maybe if they lowered the price a bit since it is a “Woot Off” these would move a bit quicker… it’s been $999 over and over

I have the laptop that is the generation before this (G74SX), and I get about 3.5 hours on battery life, no joke.

Also gaming is AMAZING on it, seriously blew my expectations away. I imagine this one is even better.

Whoever gets these will not be disappointed. Windows 8 also FLYS on it, and I noticed a huge boost in stability and performance when I installed it.

No SSD on a gaming laptop? fail.

sorry. this may be able to play games, but for $1K, I want a $100 at cost ssd instead of a 750gb hdd.

There are two hard drive bays, feel free to pop one in.

I bought one 14 months ago and then found out the battery life was 2-3 hours max. This doesn’t have the SSD which is becoming more and more standard on high end laptops. I now have an Asus Ultrabook with a 256 Gb SSD and wouldn’t trade it for the world. It’s a great brand, this just isn’t a very efficient system unless you need something to do gaming in bed.

Putting a SSD in, except at an overpriced authorized dealer, voids the warranty

The cost is prohibitive, why not just buy a good laptop that already has a SSD?

Asus doesn’t care about hardware upgrades like RAM, HDD, and ODD stuff. I’ve dealt with their support multiple times. This laptop is actually DESIGNED to be upgraded, there are 4 RAM slots and dual HDD bays in it specifically for that purpose, lol.



I don’t know anything about the laptop, but here’s a cat in a shark suit riding a roomba while it’s owner shucks corn.


Drat. I thought I was going to get one. I even found it.

Small victories, I guess.