Asus 17.3” Intel Core i5-480M, 4GB DDR3 RAM, 640GB Hard Drive, Blu-Ray, Windows 7 predicts that the price of this would stay steady at around $560 for the next two weeks. It’s surprisingly…not such a good deal!

Depends on the state for tax. If you want the three year Square Trade warranty, it’s $15 more with Depending on your state and taxes, you could save $30 more if you’re looking at the warranty (at least I would if I needed a laptop):

I tend to buy the longest warranty possible.

Yet here we sit… watching… waiting…

Come on! 7 down, 7 to go!

Why would I buy one when, according to the write up, the government’s going to give me one? Woot! I will promise to make at least 10 purchases a year if you can keep your politicians there in Texas. Please.

?? I’ve been watching this woot-off since I’m in the market for a laptop and I’ve only seen the Samsung Notebook.

At least lists the weight–6.9 lbs. Hefty.

Asus has had a good reputation in notebooks, e.g. PC Magazine 2011 notebook survey:

Don’t know about this particular model.

Okay, they had 16. So I was off by 2.

selling out pretty quick, I’m surprised.

It was a good knife. The one that was up earlier was (despite my mistake in the comments for the 2nd listing) not exactly the same and a better value for the price but the second knife (that was just up) was still a good deal.

will roomba be next?

here you go


What do you expect from a 17" laptop?

Shipped FedEx 8/19/2011. You can track your order by referencing you order number on