Asus 23.6" i3 4GB 1TB All-In-One PC



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Asus 23.6" i3 4GB 1TB All-In-One PC
$579.99 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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so, a laptop you cant move…great.


One sold and 100% left, this will be around awhile.
Bag of crap please.


This baby has a a touch screen! A laptop you can’t move with a touch screen!!


I’ve found this to be an excellent PC,however, you may feel a little empty inside when your PC lacks a tower. I suggest putting a cardboard box next to your desk to make you feel more secure.


Amazon is listing it for 699.99 and free shipping. No reviews on it at that listing.


that’s a pretty blatant ripoff of an imac…


At least most laptops are wireless


make your own computer shaped cooler and secretly stash some beers in it.


I get a little queasy thinking about a computer I can’t just take apart and modify easily with standard, off the shelf, parts.


No wireless ?? Typo ??


Great system, I had my doubts but bought it 2 weeks ago. This is a great deal! I am a pc user all the way back to DOS . I have had 30 or more PCs. This is the best I have used. Win7 installed and I will dual boot with Win8. Best of both worlds Touch and keyboard use, Win7 has touch feature working as shipped.


That would be hilarious if it didn’t. I think it’s just assumed but then again you never know…


I have a similar all-in-one touchscreen pc made by Lenovo. This type of pc is great if you have kids. The Lenovo one did open up with access to the HD and memory, CPU etc. I’m sure this one has access to many of those components also. I added another 4gb of RAM to mine to up it to 8gb. It runs pretty good. I highly recommend this form factor if you have kids, and actually upgrading to windows 8 might be worthwhile also since it is a touchscreen- although I prefer windows 7.


Other sites do list this as having wifi, so I assume it’s an oversight. OTOH, you can get a USB adapter pretty cheap even if it doesn’t have wifi.