Asus 23.6" i3 4GB 1TB All-In-One PC



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Asus 23.6" i3 4GB 1TB All-In-One PC
$579.99 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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This would be perfect for Windows 8. I’d prefer the 27" though but this machine is great except for the integrated graphics card (for those into gaming or graphic intensive work)


Seen this on Deals.woot before-- pretty decent AiO. The CPU isn’t nearly as underclocked as laptop ones are, and it has a decent panel (for a TN one, anyway).

Some caveats, though:

No WLAN. You use an adapter or a CAT5/6 cable.
I remember the recovery software requiring you write to a USB drive and not an optical disk
Really stubby mouse, which won’t work for some grips.
No analog inputs/passthroughs for use as a pseudo-TV.


oooh, look how shiny everything is!

fingerprint magnet to the max…although because the color is “graphite,” i’m seriously considering one just to match the color of my car.

…and everything else i own, apparently.


which one is better?


I’m not a fan of these all-in-one computers. Generally speaking, they use a lot of proprietary parts and are often not upgradeable, and difficult to repair. It’s a major reason I don’t allow Macs in my department, and why Macs can’t get a foothold in the business world. With a regular Windows PC, if the monitor breaks, we have plenty of stock monitors in storage as replacement. Downtime is about 10 minutes. With these all-in-one models, i.e. Macs, sending the monitor out for repairs means sending the entire computer. Downtime is about a week. And it’s much more expensive. Likewise for those who want to upgrade to a larger monitor. It’s simply not an option with these all-in-ones, although you can clumsily try to add one through the USB port or VGA output.

The cramped space also means the inability to swap/add video and sound cards, extra ports (i.e. a legacy Firewire card), etc. Nor can you add in extra hard drives or optical drives, except through USB/eSATA. That means additional wires, power supplies and desk space. Disappointingly, this Asus can’t read – much less write – Blu-rays. That means an external optical drive is a must in a few months, as Blu-rays are becoming the default permanent media of choice.


Nor am I a fan of touchscreen PCs. History has shown them to be mostly useless in a desktop setting. They’re only useful in public displays where users usually stand, and contact is brief. Otherwise, they take a lot of a energy just to make something happen. With a mouse of touchpad, some simple finger and wrist movement can move a cursor across the screen. With a touchscreen, you need to lift your entire arm and them move your wrist and fingers too. In fact, you also often need to bend forward using your waist. That’s simply inefficient. And it’s not just a matter of laziness. Moving your hand away from keyboard level is a break in flow.

I can’t think of one desktop app where using a touchscreen is advantageous to using a mouse or touchpad – or tablet digitizer (with pen) connected through USB. Tablet digitizer often measure pressure levels, which a touchscreen can’t. Those can be bought for $20.


I’d go with the Asus has usb 3.0 ports and 2 hdmi. The other one has a slightly better processor speed.


To be fair, it does have HDMI out.


To be fair they do make USB WLAN cards. They’re usually pretty cheap too. This for example. Cheap and small. Though you will be out a USB port.


Can you mount this on a wall?
VESA mount would be great.

[MOD: Per the vendor - To wall mount this unit the customer must purchase an optional wall mount adapter from Asus and a wall mount kit. Asus recommends using the following, VESA100.]


Best Buy Q&A with this:

Product website, I think:

Can’t directly link to manual on the page

Best Buy: smaller hard drive, maybe same model, $599.99


Perfect Kitchen/Breakfast Bar Computer. Been wanting one for a long time. Hmmmmm…


I was thinking the same thing, it could nice with Windows 8 slapped on it too.


Morning! Per the vendor:

To wall mount this unit the customer must purchase an optional wall mount adapter from Asus and a wall mount kit. Asus recommends using the following, VESA100.


What software is installed ie Windows__, anything else?


Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit


Wonder how easy it is to upgrade the internal components -

“Yes, you can upgrade the memory, the hard drive, and the optical disc drive by removing the back panel of the monitor/desktop. Access to the memory will be under a silver metal shield that you will need to remove to get access to do the SO-DIMM memory slots. The hard drive is a standard 3.5’’ desktop hard drive which you will see in the center when you remove the back panel. The DVD drive is a standard notebook DVD drive with a removable bezel so you can remove the drive and install a notebook Blu-ray drive if you’d like and reinstall the removable bezel after installing the Blu-ray drive.”


Wish it had a tv tuner and a better graphics card.