Asus 23.6" i3 4GB 1TB All-In-One PC



No WiFi? Pass.


After working in (electronics) retail for just over a year, I can truthfully say that I’ve never gotten one serious complaint from an Asus computer owner. On the downside, however, they are known for not adding WiFi to their All-in-One models. :\


I have a similar model of Asus (ET2400INT). It has been a very good PC for me. It is generally a quiet machine that performs well enough, though I’ve never really tried any serious gaming on it. You will probably benefit from removing some of the Asus preinstalled crap. Some of them (the updater in particular) are guilty of falling off the trolly and stealing all your memory and processor.

The hardware is basically a laptop, so don’t expect to be able to do much modification to it. I still have no idea where the hard drive is hiding, though I have upgraded the memory in mine.

The touchscreen is a gimmick that has very little actual use. It is only able to detect two touches at a time. Otherwise, the screen is quite bright and looks good.

The keyboard and mouse included with mine were toys. Mine were wired, though, and this one includes wireless ones. The built-in speakers suck, too. You might need a 2.1 set of speakers.

Lastly, on my model at least, you have to drop some extra money if you want to attach this to a VESA screen mount.


does the keyboard/mouse have a receiver built in? or does it require use of one of the usb ports?


Any VESA mounting holes on these? I love the ergotron mounts and can’t stand being stuck with an oem plastic base.


I’m interested too in knowing about whether the keyboard/mouse are going to use up 1 or 2 of the USB ports. With no wifi, I’ll have to use an adapter, which will take a third port, or change the room my office is in.

Also, for the experts, I’m guessing since there is a HDMI in and an HDMI out, and a VGA port, that I could add a second screen? Thanks!


This is more of a desktop PC system, so don’t really need WiFi (plus it’s simple to add WiFi to anything these days). However it would have been nice if it was using a quad core CPU w/HD3000 onboard graphics.


It uses the single USB dongle for the wireless mouse and keybrd.



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Shame it couldn’t have been an i5 version like the Asus ET2410IUTS-B018C Desktop Computer - Intel Core i5-2310 - at least an i5 would have more computing power (although sadly a 2310 would still be stuck with the HD2000 integrated graphics rather than the HD3000 on the higher spec i5’s).


Hmm, actually for just $100 more Moofi has this awesome tower: HP H8-1213c Desktop, i7, 2TB, 10GB, 460W Power Supply, Windows 7.


Anyone know if you can upgrade the CPU to a compatible quad core, the way you can a traditional desktop?


Bought one last time around, a few notes:

[]You’ll need too get a USB wifi adapter (~$10-20) or install a mini-pci-e wifi card (voids warranty).
]The keyboard and mice and cheap and toy like and should be replaced.
[]Touchscreen works great (if you opt to upgrade for Win8).
]For casual uses, the computer is powerful enough (no Solidworks or heavy Photoshopping).
[*]Upgrade the RAM, it’s cheap and easy and makes a huge difference.

All in all, very happy with the purchase so far.


i’m looking for a machine with a touch screen that can run visual studio, blender, photoshop (for development - but i don’t want to spend too much money). i would add memory…any thoughts on whether or not this machine would serve my purposes?


Just got one too and totally agree, mouse and keyboard felt too small and were replaced.Needed an attached keypad.

Well packaged too, showed up in one piece double boxed

Picture is great and the touchscreen is sensitive, smallest of flies landing on the screen will be noticed and can open whatevers on the screen.

No mounting holes on the back, have an HP the same size and this screen tilts much smoother

Think you’ll see all the all in one pc’s going real cheap at the black friday sales


Hi, What RAM should I look for, I am thinking to get it 8gb, currently it has 4gb only! Thanks!


I would jump on this if it came with Windows 8. Afterall Windows 8 was designed for devices like this.


Order the machine, then go here: - $15 upgrade. Then if you don’t want 8 for some reason, you can go back to 7. (Make a restore disk before installing 8)


Most all-in-one computers only have upgradeable hard drives and RAM.