Asus 23.6" i3 4GB 1TB All-In-One PC



Did somebody ask for processor benchmarks?


Wireless keyboard and wireless mouse but no wifi?!?!


I3 is pretty under powered isn’t it?


I was thinking the same as you, but it turns out my i5 running on my Lenovo all in one is actually slower as compared to this i3.

I guess it depends on the generation of the cup.


USB 3.0, though!!!

But yeah, no wifi. That is weird.

I’m surprised it’s even touchscreen.

The one cool thing I see is HDMI IN and OUT.

Expandable to 8GB RAM, Ehhh…Would have been a decent deal if it came with 8GB.


Having gone through the numbers on the write up, and cross checking them with the spec sheet, I think they fumbled near the end. I probably also have obsessive compulsive disorder or something…


I wonder if it’s compatible for a Windows 8 upgrade.
I’ve been running Win 8 since October and a touchscreen system like this would be great!


According to the Egg and even Asus this has wifi. If not, you can get a usb wifi for $20 or less.

H61 chipset runs Windows 8 fine. Asus is fairly well known for not doing anything quirky to a chipset that causes driver delays and would prevent an OS upgrade from installing. You can use the Windows 8 compatibility checker and download the upgrade for $40. Though, in this case, you may have a way to get the upgrade for even less as it is a new purchase.


It will run Windows 8, but will it “run” Windows 8? In my opinion without support for gesturing you miss out on the full Win8 experience, which I have been loving for a while now.
Anyone know how many points for multitouch?


According to the one Amazon review, this can come with or without wifi.


The older touch screen models do not react as well to the Windows 8 as the newer touch screens. I was able to verify this, as I am working with Windows 8 with a two year old touchscreen, and still have to use the mouse for many commands.


Morning all.

On the Wi-Fi, someone brought up last time that you can get a USB Wi-Fi adapter that would take care of that problem.

Just wanted to put that out there for consideration.

Here’s the previous sale.


No DVD-ROM or WiFi construct? So, this is built for the 1990 market?

Maybe it has a hidden floppy slot.


i bought this the last time it came up. it came a little scuffed up, but it wasn’t bad enough to send back.

i installed windows 8 (after backing the system up…no restore discs, easiest way was to burn an image of the drive to an external hard drive), but had to go searching for the drivers for the touch screen (after the installation)…i was going to send it back when the touch screen didn’t work after the change. i ended up downloading and using the windows 7 drivers, and the touch screen works fine now (i tried looking for windows 8 drivers…they didn’t work).

i have to say that even the windows 7 experience with touch was nice (i would have been happy to keep windows 7 on it). personally, having tried windows 8 on touch/non-touch devices, i wouldn’t want windows 8 without the touch screen.

overall, i’m happy with the machine, and while i still look around at other options, they are all much more expensive and don’t offer anything i am lacking with this one or can easily add myself for a decent price (like RAM… i haven’t put in more RAM yet, but that is next on my list).

this machine serves my purpose (developing windows 8 apps), and i needed it to run windows 8. for all other activities, i tend to use my trusty windows 7 or windows xp machines.


I guess you’ll just have to do your work and not surf the net.


PC/Laptops are Dead! It’s a dawn of a new Era/Day… Tablet’s and smart phones shall lead the way…

I do all my work off a Tablet with a keyboard and mouse. This way I am not locked down to run room. Kids already think this way …Shouldn’t grown ups?


No I think there’s a upgrade to Superdisk.


I am looking for a wall-mounted touchscreen PC to replace a whiteboard that is hanging out there in the kitchen now. “Don’t forget the milk” and photoframe function, maybe a little audio background every once in a while.

Do you think this will work well? What are the dimensions of this thing? Does it have any vesa mount holes?


Well I reviewed the numbers and found precisely one typo.

Sorry woot writers, you thought no one would check. :stuck_out_tongue: