ASUS 23" Intel i5, 1TB Full-HD Touch AIO Desktop

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ASUS 23" Intel i5, 1TB Full-HD Touch AIO Desktop
Price: $449.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Wednesday, Aug 02 to Thursday, Aug 03) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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All sold out already? Weird.





Looks like Woot is getting hit by bots which look for deals they can flip for a profit then buy out the entire stock. This happens pretty much weekly nowadays.

The first woot took 9m23s and over an hour to sell out. Their business model is not socialism. If the items end up on eBay, don’t buy them at a higher price. It takes three woot refurbs to make one working item so be happy you were sparred.

Now that this junk is gone, they’ll offer you some BT item shortly. Hit F5 so you don’t miss it :slight_smile:

This happened with a Lenovo ThinkPad deal last week. Sold out within an hour or two and 100% of the buyers bought 3 at a time.

Woot should do something to curb this practice but I guess as long as they sell them all they don’t care who buys the product.

So I guess we just get to buy the stuff that the smart bots know isn’t a great deal. Nice.

I never had a chance. It’s awful.

I don’t like bots swooping in and sniping as much as the next guy, but seriously, who’s buying AIO computers anymore???

I get a email from Woot and the item is sold out even though I open the message within a minute of its arrival. This sucks, AGAIN

Woot still has to sell the other 90% that the bots dont buy.

Will they put something else up?

It’s called Capitalism. Those buyers have spent time and energy to set up a process, and it works. No whining about how unfair it is. When I find a $2 item at Goodwill I can sell on eBay for $100, I buy it. Same thing.

“It takes three woot refurbs to make one working item…”

An interesting claim. Any factual basis for it?

Nice. I bought this from Newegg last year for $399. It’s a sweet computer and still a good deal at $440. The keyboard and mouse aren’t the greatest, but they’re easily replaced and this thing has no problem handling anything I throw at it (though I am NOT a gamer). I do a lot of graphic design in photo shop and it does very well.

One tip: look for the pyramid shaped subwoofer. It makes a big difference in the sound, which is a bit tin can sounding without the sub.

There’s probably better places to buy this, but here’s one (a bit pricey). I found mine new on ebay for $20.

Its been 30 minutes…next deal! Wake up people!!!

“Get back to work. This ain’t no…union shop” - Stormy, Sealab

Yep, also happened with the last time lenovo all in ones were on here. I think it was Delaware and washingtone state that got them all.

well written bots, wonder how they do with BOCs

Yeah sucks as I was really considering this when I got the notification last night but when I checked, all sold out. Good for Woot, bad for customers but that is life. Everybody bought 3 of them so Woot made their money, while we saved ours. I am not going to e-bay to buy one of these things at a mark up. Such is life. The Rolling Stones got it right.

Yep! Thirteen years and over a thousand woots makes me qualified to make that claim.

I need to update my Sig line again.