ASUS 23" Intel i5, 1TB Full-HD Touch AIO Desktop

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ASUS 23" Intel i5, 1TB Full-HD Touch AIO Desktop
Price: $449.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days. (Monday, Feb 20 to Tuesday, Feb 21) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Below is disassembly video for a similar model. It looks pretty painless. I would think that swapping out the HDD for an SSD would be something you would want to do to significantly turn up performance for a modest investment.

Be aware that the 90 day ASUS warranty does not apply to refurbished products. If you are comfortable with DIY repair/rebuild, then this is an excellent platform for home computing.

This would appear to be a good price for anyone in the market for an AIO of this specification.

Looking around the cheapest refurbs were Amazon (third party) at $552, eBay at $529 (the only one cheaper had a cracked screen), and the cheapest was Walmart at $500.

You’d still be saving $50.

It always makes me wonder why PC manufacturers won’t stand behind their own products when they’re refurbs when other electronics manufacturers will.

I’ve had two mid range AV receivers that were refurbs from Denon and both worked perfectly. Both came with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. If Denon has confidence in their work why not Asus, or any other company that won’t put its money where its mouth is?

This is Factory Reconditioned and definitely has an Asus warranty.

Make sure you register your computer with Asus when you receive it.

86% bought 3 of these? No wonder they are sold out.

I expect to see these on E-bay soon enough.

Dell, I know for a fact, gives exactly the same warranty on refurbished products as you get on a brand new - 1 year on-site. HP offers 90-day direct, but not on-site; Lenovo as well, I think. However, to get these warranties, you usually have to buy direct from Dell, HP, etc. Sometimes, the items here on Woot! will carry the manufacturer warranty - a notable exception, but it depends… I got an HP desktop here a couple of years ago and the HP warranty applied - I know, because I used it (DOA optical drive).
Often, the limited warranty is through Woot! or the refurbisher (not manufacturer) - you have to read the details on each item. I’m not sure why ASUS would not honor a warranty, if it’s factory refurbished… I hope Woot! would be willing to help in the event of a problem, but checking with them directly before purchase is the best method.

What I liked about Denon was that each receiver was bought through an authorized dealer and not Denon themselves, but as they did the refurb they stood by it. Both, incidentally, were absolutely pristine and worked flawlessly.