Asus 32GB Tablet with or w/o Keyboard

**Item: **Asus 32GB Tablet with or w/o Keyboard
Price: $249.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned

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TONS of good reviews (4.3 out of 5.0) over at


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It’s a very fair price for a good device! I own the same exact model and I love it, but it is very laggy. If you research the reviews and information over xda you’ll find out that this model has problem with slow memory.

I’ve rooted mine and installed Cromi-x but this device still has some lag.

Don’t get me wrong, this device is good for most of the tasks but I just hate when my tablet is not as snappy as my cell phone which is HTC ONE :wink:

Bought one not too long ago from Newegg. If only Woot/Amazon offered this a couple of weeks sooner. I don’t like Newegg, but needed a new tablet.

It’s an awesome tablet. The 1GB memory is the only issue. There is lag every so often.

Having owned one I have to agree about the lag. It’s more of an issue when watching streaming video on Netflix with the audio desyncing.

Not to cause a flame war, but I believe I read the lag is due to the high resolution screen being a bit much for the Tegra 3 processor. I got the TF300 (similar processor, much lower resolution) for my kid and it works fine. I’m probably going to get the newer TF701T with the Tegra 4 processor for myself.

I’m with you on this. I have one and I can’t really recommend it. With ~300 apps installed, it takes easily 15-20 minutes from being shut down to actually being ready for use. The internal memory is way, way too slow. Bad choice of components by ASUS.

I’d go for the Galaxy Tab 3 instead. Mine boots up in less than a minute.

I bought one of these here in June and it didn’t work so I sent it to asus. After sending a broken unit back and forth 3 times and replacing it with another broken one and sending my tablet to someone in another state and sending me her Nexus, I finally got a working one on October 27th. Now that I have a working one, I like it okay. Watch out for refurbs. Good thing asus stood behind their product. Sucks I didn’t get to use it for 5 months.

The Asus brand, as well as their service and support, are top-notch! I bought an Asus G75-JX ROG (Rebublic Of Gamers) 17" laptop a few months ago and have contacted them on a couple of occasions. The first time I contacted them with questions about installing an SSD (solid state drive) I had just purchased. The 2nd time with regard to installing a newer driver for the GTX-770M video card. They provided excellent phone support and always did what they said they’d do! They had to research a question and promised to get back to me within a certain time, which they did. Overall, dealing with them has been a great experience.

And a comment about Asus keyboards. Before buying my laptop I researched numerous models and read hundreds of reviews for many brands, but one thing stood out with the Asus reviews and that was the stellar comments regarding the tactile feedback, key travel, and generally the overall experience using the Asus keyboards compared to all others. It didn’t seem to matter whether it was a user review or a professional review (CNET and the like), everyone loved the keyboard and I have to agree. I tried lots of keyboards in the stores (Best Buy, Tiger Direct, etc.) and the Asus was BY FAR my favorite and actually became a factor in my choosing Asus.

You know how when your really happy with something you want others to know, well that’s the case here. My experiences with both the product and the company have been so positive (unfortunately not the norm in many of my dealings lately with other company’s) that I just thought anyone considering an Asus product for the first time could benefit from hearing someone else’s experience.

Not MUCH lower res, just 720 vs 1080 though is a factor of two. On that small a screen very little view difference vs horsepower demand. And 300 not a similar processor the very same Tegra 3 Though 700 might be a little speed tweaked.

Has a 701 actually been announced?

And actually Just acquired a refurb 300 w/KB cheap, and maybe dropping back to it soon (hate the data/software transitioning) as I unfortunately knocked my 700 off my bed and multiple cracked the screen, though from straight on not really visible people to the side of me see them. Guess they aren’t using Gorilla Glass anymore.
And actually sort of hate the microscopic fonts while browsing/text apps on a 1080 10" screen, especially if one that can’t be zoomed.

I would have to disagree with you there though I love the product.

Had a Transformer Keyboard die out of warranty… and called them about repair… was repeatedly quoted $300, though maybe less. The damn thing NEW MSRP is only $150.

So basically they were saying screw you just buy a new one, found discounted sub $100

Products - yes
Service and support - not so much

Asus, as a general rule, makes pretty good stuff. If it breaks, you enter into the service nightmare that is Asus support. My TF300 (which is a great tablet) came with defective GPS. I sent it back for RMA repair for that and a bad SD card slot. They fixed the slot and ignored the GPS problem. I had to create another RMA and send it back to fix the GPS, which they say they did, but never actually tested to see if it worked (spoiler alert: it didn’t). Their answer to that was “Tough break, do another RMA”.

I used one briefly when it was sent by mistake instead of the asus tf300 and had to return it even though I was offered a great deal if I would keep it. Ran slow just for everyday web surfing. Been very pleased with both acer iconia a210 and samsung note for 10 inch tablets.

And the GT3 still with 300 apps also many of which auto start?

Sort of doubt that.

Even with 150 or so my 700 does it in about a min. as well.

Though with KB battery(S) never die, so its a rare event unless something occasionally crashes so badly it require a reboot.

But the auto start BS does bog it (and all devices) down… really have to start to weed those out and many apps I have not updated because they have added start-up permissions and rarely use.

Your device is running slow because you have 300+ apps installed. Android caches app information in the application and dalvik caches and it gets clogged up over time and keeps accessing that bad data on boot.

Do a factory wipe, only install what you regularly use, and it will fly.

I only have an e reader, never have had a tablet because I use my phone for mobile stuff. But looking at tablets and laptops over the last few years it seems to me that they’re trying to converge into something like an ultrabook. That’s what I would buy if I needed one. But there’s a big gap between $200 for a tablet and $800 for an ultrabook. I’m interested to see how the market evolves over the next few years.
Anyway I know nothing about tablets and this is a completely useless comment. But there you go.

I have not experienced the lag others seem to be mentioning, but I do have issues with the dock - it occasionally “goes wacky” and the screen either blacks out or goes back to the lock screen.

On a side note: 300 apps? WTF?

Purchased this new, and love it. Great price. After a few months of ownership, I was getting frustrated with its performance. Shortly thereafter I found Cromi-X, a highly optimized, stock-based, replacement ROM for this device. The tablet absolutely flies now. If you’re considering this tablet, you should definitely look into this as well.

I said this before and saying again!!



I don’t care what res it has, You are buying old tech that will be outdated SOON!!!

It’s your money you do as you please but I recommend you to stay away from this!

I use a samsung galaxy note 10.1 32 gig and a samsung galaxy note 8.0 16 gig

Both have 2 gig Ram, and work perfect.