Asus 8.9” Tablet Convertible PC

THAT’S So Cool!!!

hmmmmm, pass

Oh crap its Gandalf!

“You SHALL NOT PASS…this woot”

Buy 3!!


No BOC yet, right?

Is that the Boggy Ole Creature?


It will transform into a mean dog and will bite your leg.

Why would anyone want a tablet with XP…

would be cool… xcept its Asus…

Have the windows 7 version, cost me $480 this time last year.

Really like it, heavier than an iPad but a cool netbook.

Finance My Expenditure! And I Will

still waiting!

c’mon…just one more

cute laptops, but seriously underpowered, and the keys are almost too small to be usable
additionally, the resistive touch screen is responsive, but annoying when compared to capacitive touch

Man this thing looks sick! wish I had the money right now.

If I hadn’t already purchased my Adam, maybe I would bite.

yay, only a couple…saved me from buying

Well if that’s not the cutest Moses I’ve ever seen.