ASUS AC750 Repeater Range Extender AP

ASUS AC750 Repeater Range Extender AP

Does this extend your actual wifi network with same. SSID or does it create 2 new SSID connections?

Found these answers on Amazon Q&A.

The product guide & user guide are linked on the main Amazon page above the videos.

It seems it just adds “_RPT” to your existing SSID but it looks like you can edit it to your liking. I just used the easiest option as I just needed to get a better signal out to one of my IP cameras. It works great so far. Went from a wavering 38-47% signal to the furthest camera up to a solid 98%. Very happy. This thing also has some sort of music server capabilities (hence the 1/8” audio jack on the side) as well as a night light that is activated by sliding your finger across the bottom front of the case. Pretty neat.

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