Which version of Win8 is included?

The version of Windows is noted on the last bullet of the features and in the specs.

Unlike Windows 7, there are only 2 consumer versions of Windows:

Windows 8
Windows 8 Pro

So definitely not Windows 8.1 then? If not, they should be able to do a free upgrade.

If it says 8.1, then it’s 8.1. Otherwise, the free upgrade as you say.

I bought an Asus laptop from Woot a couple of years ago. It never worked right. I even had a guy who knows computers well try to bring it to life for hours and he couldn’t get it to work. It just sits around and I fret about how I wasted $250 or so.

Nice reference to an old Ace of Base song,but only us old-schoolers would probably get it.LOL

I got an X200MA from Best Buy. In 8 months the hard drive took a dump. So back up your stuff and you should be ok. Thats probably what most of these are, hard drive replacement refurbs. Typing this on my new MacBook Pro…

Bad deal on the refurbed Chromebook. Amazon has it brand new for the same price, which guarantees you’ll get the extra goodies (free Drive space, in-flight wi-fi passes, etc) plus free shipping. The model numbers are very slightly different (C200MA-DS01 vs. C200MA-EDU), but the specs are identical down to the last detail.