Asus Computers (AIOs & Notebooks)

Hey guys, take care, no warranty in Latin America, Asus doesn’t have a good international warranty coverage. Take care.

(This review is specifically for the UX31 model on this page)

For those that like doing so, you cannot make upgrades to this computer. If you want an Ultrabook of this quality that you want to upgrade, get the UX32 model. Or hold out for the new Zenbook Infinity.

These are wonderfully designed and very good computers overall. I recommend these to anyone. Don’t expect any high-end gaming, but it can handle very light processes with ease.

I should add that you’re probably not going to love the trackpad. That’s my experience with this model (I don’t own it, but I’ve used it before), as well as a common opinion around the internet from reviews I’ve read and listened to on YouTube.

Keep in mind that this processor is 2 generations old, and the new 4th generation Haswell chips from Intel just launched this week. There have been reports of as much as 50%-100% battery life increase, however, that’s yet to be “proven”, simply speculated.

The AIO has touchscreen capability but doesn’t ship with Windows 8? That’s a shame.

Thanks!! I just went and checked out the Specs page on the $729 computer. I was excited to see I7, 256 GB SSD, and USB3, but thanks to your note, I specifically saw this:

Memory: 4GB DDR3 (4GB max)

8GB is my minimum especially for I7 where I expect to run alot of VMs. What a shame. A $700+ laptop with only 4GB memory that can’t be upgraded.

“Windows® 8 makes the thigns you do ever day easier”

Yeah…that about sums up the operating system.

thank you i seriously laughed out loud reading that!

i was ready to buy the x202e but it says 1.4 ghz cpu isnt that for the 200e 202 had the 3rd gen i3 is there a bait switch here 200e was 2nd gen i3 hmmm

well i discovered the x200e has the 3rd gen

why make two models one with less power ahh money

I have the 15.6 Dual Core i5 for sale. It’s been a great laptop. I managed to break it within the first couple months of having it and ASUS was spot on with their warranty. Was happy to pay shipping both ways and had it back to me in under two weeks. I was impressed and will buy Asus again. Laptop is great still have it, use it daily, and am on it now.

SN: Paid $600 last August.

Is it possible to swap a bluray drive into the K55A-HI5103D?

I had such bad luck with a refurb Aesus netbook that I strongly suggest that anyone who purchases any of this company’s refurbs buy additional warranty. Mine was doa and returned. I did not have any extended warranty and it died again six months later . Only bad Woot experience ever. Went to the dump and I felt the pain of wasting that much money.

According to the ASUS website, some AIO models have an integrated TV Tuner. Is the Asus ET2701-10 All-in-One PC, 27" 1080p LED, Intel Core i5-3450 Quad-Core 3.1GHz, 8GB DDR3, 1TB SATA, HDMI, USB 3.0, 802.11n, DTS Surround Sensation UltraPC, W7HP lucky enough to have one?

Nope. At least mine doesn’t (bought same model from this same Woot! ASUS deal several months ago). On the back panel there is a space for a connector that says “ANT” where presumably the TV input would plug in. But there is no connector there, just a rubber blank that doesn’t appear easy to remove. Also I didn’t see any tools pre-installed on the system that would seem to support a TV tuner.

Thanks! Yea, I saw that black plug looking thing in one of Woot’s pictures. Had hoped it was simply a dust cover of sorts.

That is a shame and a design flaw, I have a i7 HP with only 4GB I had to upgrade to 12 GB for the same reason, I want to assign full 4GB to each VM and I want to run at least 2 VMs at the same time.

its actually a Q200e. Look up Q200e and you will see the specs for the so called “X202e” that woot! has been selling. The Q200e was a lower powered lower cost version that best buy sold, apparently Asus took the Best Buy returns, slapped an X202e sticker on it and has woot! selling them as X202e model number! Wooters have reported the label says Q200e on the back when they go theirs… very confusing.

These are bargain computers designed for people who do not have high-end needs. I have used a base dual-core 4GB Asus laptop for more than two years all day 5 days a week as my ‘personal’ business and travel computer at work. It still works perfectly, and has no trouble with my admittedly low demands. (eMail, Internet browsing, Netflix movies, Word and Powerpoint file presentation and editing, etc. Low-end gaming). Audio is a bit weak, and batteries are difficult to get. However, the best buy for the money I have seen.

Yes- actually I own this laptop, purchased it in March and pimped it out a bit.

I bought this drive:

and this is how to switch it out:

I also switched out the HD for a 240GB SSD, put windows 7 on it, and switched out the RAM with 8GB of low latency, lower voltage gaming RAM.

The way I received my Laptop was that it had 1 x 4gb modules in, and a free socket. I can’t guarantee yours will be configured this way, but it makes it cheap to upgrade to 8 gb since you just have to buy 1 module.

I received my order yesterday. Laptop is fine. Touchscreen isn’t perfect. I keep swiping and nothing happens in desktop mode, but in start menu it works no problems.

There was a yellow “ASUS Quick Start guide” that says there’s additional information on a pdf file as to how to create an image. But I can’t find a pdf file, nor is ther any other documentation than the yellow sheet.

Anyone have anything else?

Guys, I received the 15.6" the other day. I get that refurbs typically suck, but mine came without the battery pack completely. The only way to use it is to keep it on the charger 24/7. Red flag? I feel fairly scammed.