Asus Computers

Any idea exactly which SSD and touchpad is in the Zenbooks? Elan touchpad = good, Sentallic = bad. Sandisk SSD = bad, ADATA SSD = good.

This is based on Amazon reviews for a similar model (, hopefully something has changed for the better in these models?

NM found the correct product
touchpad and SSD seem to work fine!

Bought this from a previous woot and right after the warranty expired led’s started to randomly not light up creating dark spots on the screen. Keyboard and mouse are much too small so had to upgrade those. Have had an HP the same size for twice as long and never a problem.

Asus makes a great laptop.

My biggest concern is refurbishing.

Who is refurbishing these units for resale?

Since I’ve been disappointed with nearly every refurbished item I’ve purchased from woot!, I’m very worried I’ll receive a damaged, scratched, broken, screwed up item that’s been tossed in a box and labeled “refurbished”, then sold to suckers like me.

Seems like that 14 inch Asus U46E-RAL6 does not even have bluetooth. Crazy how many laptops these days don’t have that basic feature, how do you connect to your iphone unless you carry a cable around constantly?

I’m also curious about the “refurbishment” done to this item.

Also what warranty comes with this laptop? Is there still an Asus warranty?

From the copy on the $250 laptop:

“Windows® 8 makes the thigns you do ever day easier”

Nice proofreading there…

I have the Asus ux31A which is the same as the 31E except with I5 CPU and 128GB SSD. Love it, performs extremely well. Only problem was that the mouse connection to the motherboard was faulty and had to be replaced, otherwise great device. I use it in when traveling so I don’t have to take my larger, heavier laptop.

A lot of people don’t believe that Windows 8 makes “things” easier so we thought we’d try “thigns” instead. (reported)

The refurbished items are all “Factory Reconditioned”. We’re updating the sale to show that now.

A “factory reconditioned” item was returned, inspected, and restored to fully working condition by the original manufacturer or a certified partner. And the original manufacturer stands behind it with a warranty. It’s as close to new as you can get without technically being “new”.

Warranties are shown at the bottom of the features on each sale.

Hope that helps!

lol they did the same thing a couple months ago on another windows 8 computer. copy and paste is not your friend.

Bought which one? It would help on Woot Plus comments if you would identify which item you are discussing.

If you’re worried about the refurbs, the manufacturers will stand behind them and will warranty them. If you think you’re going to get customer service from Woot on them you’re going to be greatly disappointed. Woot acts like you’re the ugly redheaded stepchild when you have a problem with a refurb. I speak from personal experience. Just plan on going straight to ASUS if you buy one of these and have a problem.

I sure would like a desktop without a monitor attached to the deal. I counted and I have nearly 20 monitors scattered through the house. I’d like to upgrade my PC but don’t need another monitor.

What’s the difference between the two Zenbooks? Their stats are exactly the same, but one’s more expensive than the other. O:

EDIT: Oh, one’s new, the other’s reconditioned. Nevermind.

What is the voltage on the 27" desktop (110-240)?

They are all 110v.

That is when you get better video cards and start using multi-monitors for each computer!

These are very good laptops, but not, for the most part, up to date models. The refurbs should be going at the given prices as brand new. This is not a deal and Woot should not be putting these up at these prices. Because Woot keeps putting up more retail priced items, I really do not check it very often anymore. I used to check it daily before going to work.