Asus: Computing For U

Really wish there had been some more of those 1080p 13.3" zenbooks… sold out in, what, less than two hours? That’s what I get for riding the bus :frowning:

Maybe it’s just me but 700 bucks for a device with ONLY a 256gb ssd drive and ONLY able to handle 4gb of ram?

I got one of the 2013 Nexus 7 tablets when Verizon had them on sale for $50 on contract. The cellular chip in it caused it to freeze up, had to send it back. Verizon never got back to me on the issue. Never got a replacement but got all my money back from the fiasco. Now I see a refurb… not going to bother. My 2012 Nexus 7 works just as well.

I think you are not looking for what it offers - portability and battery life. You can definitely get a larger laptop with much more power for $700-900 (Lenovo Y510p for example), but Zenbooks are not geared towards that.

They had only one copy in stock it seems. (Check the first and last buyer - they are the same.)

DO NOT BUY 13.3" Core i5 128GB SSD Zenbook

I bought this from Woot about a month ago. When it first arrived, it had the wrong drivers installed, so the mouse was barely functional (2 hours with tech support). Yesterday (less than a month after receiving my computer) the screen stopped lighting at all! Now I have to ship it back to Asus.

Either this product is crap to begin with or Asus’s refurbishing process is terrible.

I have the 13.3" 128GB SSD with Full HD display and I love it. It’s fast as hell and crazy light weight. The battery life is awesome as well. The touch pad is really sensitive and may need adjusting though.

Asus: Computing For U
“All we’re saying is that if you can cover up the u, there’s a LOT of laughs to be had.”
God,you guys are so juvenile!
(Wish I had your job though!)

Do you really need more storage and/or memory? If so, you’re probably not in the market for an “ultrabook.”

Hmmmnnn … I can get this Transformer T100TA (refurbished) for $319.99, or a brand new one with warranty at $347.99 from Amazon.
Maybe if it is under $300, then you would get more bites!

you can actually get a transformer from amazon wharehouse deals for 251
I bought one last week and it was an open box… not even used!
go that way, if you dont like it you can return it no questions asked

** Stay away from ASUS product **

If you need any help or support with the product they treat you like dirt.
The stuff is good as long as you don’t need any repairs or tech support then that is when the nightmare begins.

This may be true with their computers, but not true with their motherboards. I had the motherboard fail on the system I put together - within the warranty period. I called them, we arranged for the replacement motherboard to be shipped to me and that was that. Got the new one, put the old one in the packaging that the new one came in, and once I had ascertained that the new board worked, I shipped the old one out at no cost to myself. Easy peasy, and was treated politely throughout.

I recently bought the X200CA from woot at $220. When you slap a SSD in it you have fast machine for ~$300. Disk I/O is the bottleneck otherwise.

This is a bad deal… has this same Nexus NEW for $239.99

and if you want it refurb’ed it’s only $195.29.

If you are comparing it to the $269 Nexus 7 32GB, ours is LTE. The one you linked is not.