Asus EEE Box Media Center with HDMI Woot Info Post
tastes great, less F5-ing -

Asus EEE Box Media Center with HDMI [New] - $199.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Asus EB1006 EEE Box 1.6GHz 1GB DDR2 160GB SATA XP Home HDMI SPDIF Wireless Mouse and Keyboard

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Yay, a media box!! wait…what???

How well will these eee pc’s handle 1080p video?

Too bad it doesn’t come with a monitor. That’s what the eee pc needs.

does anyone know how well this would work with XBMC?
the price is sure right!

not well unless you upgrade the ram on them.

of course when i finale dish out the money for a wii that i just wanted to play almost never woot gets what i really wanted and makes me want to spend more money these things are awesome

Can anyone comment on the HD quality of that video card?

Product Website

wish it had an IR port…

Review on CNET:;lst;1

not terribly positive. CNET’s not sure why you’d get this over a budget desktop or laptop, which could do more.

Check it out on YouTube

the black keyboard hold fingerprints like the shiny ps3 or black wii but is sleek and can be wiped down. also the mouse is kind of small but nice once you get used to it

I’ve been hunting for the perfect HTPC for the past few days. Is this the one for me? Not sure…

The price is really cheap, which worries me that it won’t handle CPU-hungry Flash/Silverlight very well or more than one task at a time without getting the hiccups.

Maybe I am just not tech savvy, but can someone tell me just what the heck is this thing? What does it do?
Is it a computer?

These are can also be used for surfing the internet.

I have used one to run my Computerized Christmas Light display.

It is a computer, think netbook.

No point getting this if your looking for XBMC. Get the Acer Aspire Revo 1600 off Newegg. It costs the same, has the same exact hardware except it has the superior nVidia ION chipset for videodecoding. And shipping is only $2 more. It is the “go-to” box for XBMC builds.

To be honest this woot deal isn’t much of a deal. Considering that superior products (Acer Aspire above) can be had for only $2 more. I love Woot but meh on this deal.

Neither the 1.6 Atom processor nor the RAM can come anywheres near 1080p. You’ll be lucky if you can get 720p to work on this AFTER you upgrade the RAM.